Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Miserable w/ Fever Still & 8 mo. Old Today

It's now been 10 days that Mason has been miserable w/ this yucky fever. We are not sure what is causing the fever though!! The speculation is still that this is an awful virus. We went to Primary's for his 7 week post op clinic yesterday, tuesday, and we met with a new cardiologist, Dr. Pilcher. He is an Electrophysiolgist, who specializes in heart kiddos with arythmias. He was very nice and very thorough.

He is quite concerned about the fever, and how miserable Mason has been feeling. So he ordered an echo, to make sure there wasn't any fluid or infection around his heart. His heart function is fine and no fluid! That was good news.

Then he ordered more blood tests. And that was the sad part of our day. It took over an hour to draw Mason's blood. Finally by the 5th poke they had enough blood. (Cardiac kiddos do not have good profusion , thus very difficult to get their veins to cooperate.) They needed quite a bit more that last week's tests, because they are going to culture the blood now too. Usually I can get through those awful blood draws without tears, but yesterday Mason Kept looking into my eyes crying in pain like he was asking me "why are you letting them do this to me?". That's when my eyes began to fill up w/ tears and soon the lab techs brought me tissues, cuz I was crying along with Mason. I know he does not like green scrubs for sure now!! I kept saying to myself "its okay to have a sad day."

The Dr. told me if his level of infection was worse than last weeks numbers then they would admit him to the hospital! But, his CRP level was about the same as last week, not worse at least. S0 now they will culture his blood for 72 hours to try and figure out what this infection is. They couldn't do that last week because he had already started antibiotics for the "not really" pneumonia. We stopped the antibiotics on Saturday though cuz he was still fevering and obviously they were not helping the infection at all.

We are home at least, but he just is not feeling well. He is 8 months old today! Hard for me to believe. He weighs 12 lbs 10 oz. Yeah! Every new ounce is great. No new tricks yet, because he just has not felt good enough. Hopefully we will get him rolling around more and sitting up real soon. He is still a miracle each and everyday. Please pray he can get over this fever/infection soon ! Thank you so much, Summer


Gourley Family said...

We will pray for Mason that the infection will clear from his body! That is frustrating to have him so miserable. Hang in there, he really is a miracle!
Heart hugs,

Shauntelle ~ said...

We are so sorry that Mason is feeling yucky. We hope that he will get better very soon. We love you Mason!!! You are in our prayers!