Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thank Goodness it's not Pneumonia

Sorry I have not updated about Mason. He has been so fussy that I have not had a spare minute. This post will probably take me all day to complete! Two days after being on his antibiotic for the possible infection in his lungs I decided to take him into Cardiology at Primary Children's, because he just seemed so miserable & still fevering . I needed to make sure for myself that this was not a heart issue.
The Cardiologist that saw Mason compared his chest x-ray from Monday with his other recent xrays he's had at each clinic at Primary's. He did not seem to think there was much of a difference and that there is a shadow on his left lung in all of them (probably his pulmonary artery ) that may have appeared like fluid. Especially if the radiologist at the AF hospital wasn't able to compare it to his other x-rays. Needless to say, I was glad he does not have pneumonia.
So what IS wrong then? His O2 sats were fine, his chest x-ray was normal and his heart and lungs sounded great to the cardiologist. So, that should rule out symptoms of a heart problem.
But the Dr. definitely agreed with me that he was not feeling well at all. He then sent us to the lab for blood work . The results showed an elevated CRP level (which indicates infection and/or inflammation). With that, the Dr. said to keep giving him the antibiotic, but that we could not culture his blood to find out what type of infection because he had already been on the antibiotic for two days. This would cause inaccurate culture results.
He seems to feel a little better today, but still fevering. So most likely this is viral, and the antibiotics are not helping! Poor little guy. Something that would be minor for the rest of us, is so hard for him to kick. Hopefully we are on the upward swing of this roller coaster loop. He feels all your love and prayers and hopefully will feel all better real soon

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Marcae said...

That's so great that it's not pneumonia. I hope you can figure it out soon and Mason can start feeling better. Hope you guys are doing well. We sure think of your family often.