Monday, September 29, 2008


Mason is much happier today. He seems to finally be feeling better. After a few more frequent flyer miles, with another trip do Dr. Whiting on Friday and a Rosefin shot, because his ears were still full of infection and his lungs still junky, that seemed to do the trick. He's still coughing, but it definitely sounds better. Now, no jinxing, knock on wood, let's keep him happy and healthy. The sleep thing is still an issue, but not as horrible when he's not so sick!

Ammon claims to be happy too! When Ammon throws a tantrum and won't stop we put him in our front room in the little love seat and call it the "happy chair". When he is ready to be happy he can get out. Usually (though, not always this easy) after 3-5 minutes he will come find me and say "I'm happy!" I love it. Well, yesterday we were all trying to take Sunday naps after church, and Ammon had only been napping for maybe 30 minutes when he decided he was done. Sadly, because of his newly acquired skill of jumping out of the crib, he did not stay in bed. He then came to my bedroom door, where I was in napping with Mason and had just barely dozed off, and began knocking on the door saying, "Mom I'm HAPPY!!" repeating again and again until I finally acknowledged him, At least he was happy, but my nap suffered!


Julie Huish said...

Glad to hear he's feeling better!

Mandee said...

We love Ammon!