Monday, September 22, 2008

Frequent Flyer Miles

If I could get frequent flyer miles for how often I go to the Pediatrician (usually for Mason, next Ammon, & occasionally our other kiddos), I could take our family on an amazing vacation!!!

Mason is sick again. He was really only feeling decent for 2 or 3 days from that last sickness and now he is miserable again w / yucky ears, runny nose, cough, junky lungs, and fever. Round 2!

Let's just say; more "all nighters" in the big red chair, and "middle of the night" walks out on the deck to help the cough, all tangled in O2 cords!!! He only needed the O2 for 3 days last time, but was needing it once again last night.

Poor little guy! These Fall colds are making me think that this means a really long Winter!!!

I greatly appreciate all your prayers and concern.

Time for a long nap w/ Miracle Mason!


Mandee said...

Summer... when your kids are grown and healthy, you deserve to take an amazing, and really long vacation! I'm sorry he's so sickie- again! Lots of prayers for all of you... especially Mason.

GordonWesFamily said...

If you can trust the advice of a complete stranger (Kim Rohatinsky's cousin)

Look for a product called "Thieves oil" Made by Young living, It is the BEST germ and illness deterrent, you rub it on their feet once a day, and it keeps the bugs away.

Good luck with your sweet, fragile Mason, I too have a 'heart baby' she is 10, we feel so blessed that she has been with us for so long!
Good luck.

Julie Huish said...

Summer- I don't know how you do it. And you always look so good and your kids always look so cute. You'd never know that you're spending your nights in the big, red chair. I'm bringing you lunch this week. I'll call you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sum!
You amaze me! You and Miracle Mason our in my prayers all the time!
I cant imagine how overwhelming it must be for you! Dont get discouraged! Feel all the love and support around you from your friends and family and those in your ward family!
Keep your chin up and enjoy your moments cudding in that big, red chair!
I love you lots, Sum.