Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Big Red Chair & Midnight Walks

Mason is still feeling pretty sick. He has a very sad little cry. He has lost his voice from all the coughing. And he's still rubbing his little ears in pain and not eating very well. Although, this morning he seems to be a little better, but still needing O2's , and just not his happy self. We're still sleeping in the big red chair, and walking out on the deck in the middle of the night to help his cough, tangling and tripping over the O2 cords, but hey at least its not The Hotel!

And to top it off Kaitlin has invited 16 9 &10 year old neighborhood girls over for a Jonas Brothers' Birthday Party in our Basement tomorrow night. Hmmm.... could be an interesting party. Kaitlin has planned the whole thing, cuz I've been a bit consumed w/ Mason this week. We'll see how it all turns out I guess! She is so cute though. She has warned all her friends that no one can come with colds or sick at all and she promises she'll make everyone hand sanitize and stay in the basement. (She knows how worried I am about Mason and germs, and that this is a huge exception for her birthday...having that many kids in the house w/ Mason's delicate health.)

Thanks for all your prayers on Mason's behalf. I know each day is in Heavenly Father's hands and I know he hears our prayers


queenieweenie said...

I hope the party turns out AND that Mason feels better soon!

Julie Huish said...

Summer- I don't know how you do it and still look so put together every time I see you. You are amazing!