Sunday, May 29, 2011


We made it home Friday afternoon!! Hooray!!

Mason is always well taken care of at Primary's, but being HOME is much better.

Mason certainly didn't waste any time getting his hands on big brothers' baseball helmet after getting home either.

He's always ready to play some ball!!!

Mason was pretty sick Friday night at home though. He spiked a high fever again, was feeling miserable, a needed extra O2's.

I almost thought I had brought him home from the hospital too soon.

Saturday he seemed a little better, but he for sure will need extra O2's while sleeping until he completely kicks this sickness.

Our wonderful pediatrician, Dr. W, made a house visit today to check on Mason. His left lung sounds junky! Dang! But that would explain why he's gotten worse.

So, when the blood work showed us that Mason had Rhino-virus the transplant team decided they'd like to still continue his antibiotics just in case he also had a secondary pneumonia infection going on as well. It's hard to tell with Mason from x-rays sometimes, because his left lung always looks a little hazy.

This is what I think. When Mason was switched from his 2 IV antibiotics (vancomycin and rocephin) to oral zythromax it just wasn't strong enough for what he also truly has in addition to the rhino-virus, pneumonia. And his pneumonia then started to show it's side effects. It was just too early to tell while we were there in the hospital.

Thank you to Dr. W who came by on a Sunday to check on my little Mason!!! He switched Mason to an antibiotic he should respond better to (omnicef) and hopefully it'll kick in soon and Mason will be ready to go watch some more baseball games.


sheila said...

So glad to hear that Mason is home again and the family is together. I hope the new antibiotics works.

madelyn said...

Just getting caught up - sorry to hear Mason was under the weather and back in the "hotel"! Hope he's on the mend and will back to his usual self soon. It is so scary how a little thing can become a big thing in no time. Praying for an uneventful summer healthwise :) You guys need some good,healthy, fun-filled, stress-free days ahead.