Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Unkown

Yesterday morning Mason began his day acting rather fussy. I figured it was the same blood pressure issues he's been having, until I took his temperature. He had a temp of 101! I thought to myself that it was just a fluke and with one dose of Tylenol it would go away and everything would be fine. But, I wishfully thought wrong. His temp continued to go up slowly even on Tylenol and he acted like he was completely miserable. Although, he didn't act like or tell me that one certain thing was hurting him. Then as the day went on he started grunting with every breath.....which is usually NOT a good sign!

Long story made short........... after a trip in the evening to the ER at Primary's, Mason got admitted into the Cardiac ICU. The cause is still UNKNOWN, but Mason was under a lot of respiratory distress by then time I got him to the ER. He usually has O2 sats in the mid to high 90's and he was satting between 78-84 :( They got him on oxygen right away which made him quite mad!

His ears and throat look great, no urinary tract infection, no RSV, and his chest x ray looked about the same as his baseline ........but several blood tests are still pending. He is on high flow O2 at 6 liters of pressure and at 20- 40% oxygen and this has helped him feel a lot better. No more grunting! He also has been on two IV antibiotics since last night which may have been what helped his fevers to stop. No fevers today, yeah! I don't like the UNKNOWN so I hope we find out the cause of this soon. Maybe I jinxed myself the other day by posting that he was doing well!

I'll update soon.

I miss my kiddos at home!! Love you guys!!

Please pray Mason gets better soon and can go home off of oxygen support.


Gourley said...

Always praying for your Fam. You guys are amazing. Remember you have friends upstairs.

Djinni said...

I understand the feeling of being jinxed too well. It makes me uneasy answering the question when people ask. Quite often the same thing happens to me, i feel thankful that people care enough to ask, however I worry if I just jinxed my sons health. Have tried to quit being superstitious, but it does make me wonder at times if I have been jinxed again. I hope the IV antibiotics does the trick and cures, whatever is making Mason have a fever. Also, I hope you can get some rest, knowing what parents go through. Try to put your trust in God's perfect plan that he knows what is best for everyone involved, although it may be difficult to understand, someday you will understand the purpose of this journey. Take Care and know my prayers are with you.

Lacey said...

Prayers for Mason! The worst is not knowing, even if its bad, just tell me! I hate the unknown. Hopefully your home soon!

Kaidence's Mommy said...

So sorry.......He is not septic with anything is he? K had something like that happen once and symptoms were the same and she got sick really quickly. Had a hard time with resp issues. It turned out that she was septic with pseudomonas. I know that is pretty far fetched but with these tx kiddos you just never know. Regardless, prayers and well wishes for you all are coming your way!

Kyle and Alli said...

Oh no!!! We just missed you there, otherwise I would come by and give you a big hug! I hope that these antibiotics get this strange issue resolved ASAP! You guys need to be home with your family instead of stuck at the hospital!

cici said...

Many many strange bugs floating around. I hope he is better by the time you read this. I can't stand the thought of this little guy in the Hospital again :(
Just know he is in my many Prayers.

Jennifer said...

:( sorry for his bump in the road. praying for ya.