Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Rhino.......

Sorry for no updates, but I've been waiting for something to show up from all of Mason's blood work as the cause for our visit to the "Hotel on the Hill".

First of all Mason is doing much much better than when we first came to the ER on Tuesday night.

Slowly yesterday Mason was weaned down on his oxygen until he got to 1/2 liter and then the docs left him on that for the night. Since later this morning he's been on room air, but when he fell asleep for a nap his O2 sats began to dip into the 80's. So the docs have said he'll probably need a little O2 while sleeping until he gets over this sickness.

They moved us to the 3rd floor this afternoon! A step towards coming home, yeah!!

Just this evening we heard what Mason has............ the Rhino-virus! I thought to myself, "you've got to be kidding me?!!" An ICU stay because of the everyday cold!! Shows what immune-suppression will do to a heart kiddo.

And........ as soon as we were told that's what he has, Mason started coughing and sneezing! No joke!!

I am glad it is nothing worse! We should go home soon!

Thanks for your love and prayers :)

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