Friday, August 6, 2010

32 Months Pictures

I'm a little late this time, but Mason deserves three cheers for his 32 month birthday which was on July 30th! (I did start this on Aug 6th, but Mason's Aunt Bridgette got married over the weekend so we were very busy and I never found time to finish. Congratulations to Bridgette and Hyrum!!!)

Mason would rather take the camera from me
than have his picture taken! Happy Happy 32 months
Miracle Mason! Another month older, another great
milestone accomplished! Hooray for you, my Little Buddy!

July was a busy month for Mason:

Mason made Ronald Mcdonald House his new home for
a few weeks. Mason was very confused on what to call
home anymore, but, at least they had one of his favorite cars
there just like the Brands (where we stayed March through June)
had at their house. Everyday he'd asked to go outside to ride this
car. And, he always knew he had to help me clean it first with
Lysol wipes before he got in. Once he got in he never wanted to get out!

Hiding from the camera on the 4th of July.

Mason and Mom had a few overnighters in the hospital for fevers
and pneumonia. (at Lucille Packard and then later at Primary's too)

Mason and Mom flew home to Utah to reunite with their family
after 5 months! In this picture are 3 of Mason's 4 siblings:
right to left- Braiden, Preston, Kaitlin
Picture taken at the airport for our homecoming.

Mason is back in his old favorite spot on our back deck.
Gotta love those cute chubby steroid cheeks!!!

Our sweet neighbors the Grants gave this car to Mason our
first weekend home, just like the ones he loved in Palo Alto!
Thank you!

Mason can get himself in and out of his car by himself
and he can make the car go backward, but hasn't quite
figured out how to go forwards yet. Mason is still not walking
but, I know he has the strength now. When I try to practice
with him he begins to cry. I think it's just fear of the unknown!

Playing with big sis' sunglasses and reading books at the bar.

Loves putting glasses on, even if they're upside down!

It's that look again, "enough picture already Mom"!

Mason continues to keep me very busy with:
1x weekly clinic visit,
2x weekly blood draws,
daily pharmacy duty
(it takes me about 45-60 min a day to prepare his meds),
remembering to refill meds before they run out,
blending up foods for his g-tube feeds,
napping duty
(a must, because neither of us seem to get much sleep at night),
2x daily (or more sometimes) blood pressure check,
..............and then find the time to care for the rest of the family!
My days aren't long enough!!!

I will update again soon. Have a great week!


Mindi D said...

O i want to just squeeze his cheeks! He is so cute!

Moffitt Fam said...

Oh he is looking good!

Skye is the Limit! said...

love the mask picture! reminds me of our days!

Joshua said...

Hi. You don't know me but I found your blog and can't stop following it. I think of Mason and pray for him and you all. I am a mother of 2 boys myself and we have had some health issues, not what you have experienced at all. Just wanted to say hi and let you know you have a new friend :)

Beth- Columbus, OH