Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday Pictures

Wow, how long we prepare for Christmas as parents, how long the kiddos anticipate the excitement of Christmas, and then it comes and goes so fast! As a family, I know we count our biggest blessing as being able to ALL be home together on Christmas, for 2 years ago Mason was just 3 weeks old and spent his first Christmas in the PICU. We hold a very tender spot in our hearts for that Christmas as well as for all families who ever have to spend their Christmas at the hospital. It was a bitter sweet time. Every day during the holidays at Primary's, new gifts were left at Mason's bedside for him and the whole family. I also remember all the Holiday musical numbers performed by various groups and individuals down on the first floor which helped even those spending Christmas at the hospital feel the true Spirit of Christmas. But...... nothing beats spending Christmas at HOME TOGETHER!!

All our kiddos received new PJ's on Christmas Eve.
Mason decided to put his on as a scarf for his picture.

Mason stayed up late with Mom and Dad to wrap a few last gifts.
(But, poor little guy bumped his head that night on the door
in the mud-room and now has quite a black & blue goose egg
on his head for the rest of our holiday photos.)

Here we are spying on Santa from the top of our Stairs.
It is a family tradition to get up early in the morning
and catch Santa as he puts out a gift for everyone.
(Mason was still asleep, and when Mason's asleep
we never rock that boat for it doesn't happen very often!!)

We caught him just in time!! "Shhh be quiet so he doesn't
look up and see us!!" (Thank you Santa for acting like
you didn't hear our very excited little Ammon, who
kept yelling "Hi Santa!!" and "Thank you for scooter"!)

Preston drew a picture for the elves and left it by our stockings.
He found a signature on his elf drawing from 'Jimmy the Elf'!!

Kaitlin is only 11 and wanted designer jeans for Christmas?
What's this world coming to?

Braiden wanted a Loan Peak football jersey and helmet.
That was a tough one, but somehow Mom found a connection!

Mason wasn't sure what was going on when he woke up.
But was happy to join in to help tear up wrapping paper.

Ammon was soooo excited about the scooter Santa left for him!

Preston and Braiden were so thrilled to get these BYU
posters signed by Dennis Pita and Max Hall! (Thanks
to Dennis' Mom who loves in our neighborhood)

Later, Grandma SanDee and Grandpa Wally came over
for Christmas Dinner bearing a few more gifts for everyone.

Mason decided he'd rather sit on top of his present
than open it! Whatever works right??!!

Ammon finally ripped that present open anyways!!!

And the rest of our Holiday Break consisted of:

Some bum scooting.....

Some attempts at crawling on all fours
(you know, the normal way)...........

A long awaited visit from Sammi..........

Sammi was our Nanny 2 summers ago and lived across the street
with her parents Brad and Lolly Sneed. (She now lives
in Vegas, so my kids were all excited to see her!!)

some baking.........

some of us spent time being sick........

some fun times playing in all the snow.........

(Ammon kept asking to go "skedding" I guess it's
a combo of sledding and skiing)

some practicing pulling to a stand.........

some partying on New Year's Eve.......

some family picture taking.......

(This is Mark's side of the family, his 9 siblings, a step brother,
all their spouses & children, his Mom Marilyn and her husband Jerry
and Great Grandma D......quite a fun group to hang out with on
New Year's eve! Although after the picture, before the party
started, I dropped Mason off at Grandma SanDee 's where there
was no crowd.... thus much less germs floating around!)

some more picture taking.........with Kaitlin, Jane(-Kaitlin's dear
friend visiting from Seattle), and cousin Brooke.

We hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays and may our dear Heavenly Father continue to send down blessings to our family and yours this new year of 2010!


Rachelle said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Max Hall and his family is one of my families really good friends. I knew him since he was little boy. They live close to us if you ever want anything else! :) Happy New Year! Love Rachelle I am gald Mason was able to enjoy Christmas with you! :)

Becca said...

I am glad to see you had a noneventful Christmas! I mean that in a good way. Any chance to avoid spending Christmas in the hospital is a good thing. Cute pics!

queenieweenie said...

I'm so glad you had a nice, normal, happy Christmas! Your family is beautiful and I loved seeing all the pictures.

likeschocolate said...

Looks like you had a fabulous holiday. How fun to have to catch Santa!