Monday, December 14, 2009

Love, Hope, and Family Pictures

We have been showered with service, gifts, love, and support in abundance since Mason's birth, and even more so since this September when we were told by Mason's doctors and surgeons 'there was no more they could do for our sweet Mason'. Leaving us devastated we have been able to 'carry on' because we are surrounded by all of YOUR LOVE and LOVE from our Father Above. Although we since have been given some HOPE from other hospitals outside of Utah.... nothing is certain and we continue to live on a daily roller coaster. So many of you are so sensitive and caring to what we are going through, that at the end of the day when I am extremely exhausted I become overwhelmed with tears of gratitude. This is what gives me the HOPE and strength to keep going and to keeping fighting for my baby! Thank you!!

That being said..... a big THANK YOU goes to some very kind and loving extended family members who gave us the gift of family pictures. Wow! 2 professional family photo shoots in 6 months! Both were gifts and also the only family pictures we've had taken since Mason was born.  We couldn't be more grateful! Mason has changed so much in the last 6 months (much chubbier and healthier) that we were so excited to receive this gift. These pictures below were taken by Gary Walker from Logan Utah. He and his assistant (his darling wife) did a fabulous job and we absolutely love them!

As for Stanford, I'm hoping to hear today about the decision for our Mason made at the 'Selective Cardiac Transplant Board' meeting held last Friday. I will post soon when I have any news.


Kyle and Alli said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! What a treasured gift! Happy birthday Mason!!! We hope you keep feeling good so you can play with those new fun toys!

Mindi D said...

So cute! I love them all!! Cute family.

The G Fam said...

Those pictures are stunning and bring tears to my eyes. I am so hopeful for your family. I know that not matter what happens, Heavenly Father is so near to you. The reason I know that is because with both of our kids, even when their special spirits were still on this earth, our loving Heavenly Father was so near to us. Stay strong and know there are many praying for your little miracle.
Heart hugs,
Emily and family

The Simmons Family said...

Awesome pictures!! LOVE THEM!!

I hope you hear from Stanford too.. if not, call Andrea Bobke.

Kristen said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Brooks said...

I know I'm late submitting my comments, but I just had to say these pictures are wonderful! They just made my heart pound with the Spirit of love and determination, you guys are a strong, blessed family! You can feel it in these pictures! Thanks for sharing!!!Brooks