Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fevers?? No, not just in time for Christmas!

Yes, it's true Mason is not feeling well. Not exactly what we had asked Santa for this Christmas! He has had high fevers since early Saturday morning. It seems to be a bad virus because chest x-rays showed no pneumonia (thank goodness), and his ears and throat look fine. But 3 of my other kiddos have had strep the last 3 weeks. It started with Braiden on Thanksgiving, the next week to Kaitlin and the next week to Preston. So we started Mason on antibiotics just to be safe, although he's still fevering even today, and it's now Wednesday! Poor little guy has felt pretty yucky and just wants to be held. Good for me and the snuggle time, but bad for any kind of sleep and all the unfinished Christmas items I still need to check off my 'to do list'! Mason is a little trooper though and he'll pull through this.

We had a cardiology check up with Dr. Everett on Monday. The good news is his heart and lungs sound fine and he also weighed in at a huge 22lbs and 8oz! He is getting quite chubby for one of my little babies. I think it's all in his cheeks!!! Thanks to his G-tube and 'Boost Kid's Essentials' (his 40 cal per oz formula) he is gaining the necessary weight for his heart transplant which we still remain hopeful for. The bummer was Dr. E decided he looked to wiped out from his fevers to do his echo. But they did call Stanford to get a copy of his echo from Dec 3rd. After comparing it to his October echo at Primary's it appears there wasn't any improvement in heart function this time, but at least his failure doesn't look worse either. I'll take that for now :-)

About Stanford......., Mason's case did not get presented to the Stanford Board of Heart Transplants yet!!! And now won't be presented until January 8th! Yikes! I was disappointed to get this news, and I'm sorry to those of you who've been waiting to hear as well. I just haven't had time to post this week. The main reason Dr, Rosenthall held off on presenting him is that the surgeon whom would most likely do Mason's transplant was out of town and was not at the meeting.

Dr. R does plan to meet with the surgeon 1 on 1 the week after Christmas to discuss Mason with him before they present I'm not going to hold my breath, but I should hear how that goes sometime next week. Andrea, the nurse practitioner did say with all his (Dr.R's) research so far he is still very hopeful about Mason getting a new heart to his one healthy lung. This was good enough news for me to hold unto through the Holidays! Until I know more......just stay tuned in and I will post when I know more.

This picture was taken on Sunday. My kids were dressed up in their "Sunday before Christmas" outfits. The cute ties were a gift from one of our blog viewers, Peanut Posh. (They also sell darling hair flowers for girls. Kaitlin has one in above her ponytail, but you can't see it.) Even though Mason still hasn't ever gone to church with us (Mark and I take turns staying home) he got all dressed up too. Someday he will be healthy enough to go church with us!!



Jennifer said...

Merry Christmas!

Your kids look so handsome all dressed up! Mason looks like a little missionary! (so cute)

Bummer that you have to WAIT longer to hear more from Stanford. I was sorry to hear that but so happy that Masons heart failure does not seem to be worsening at this time! YAY for that news!

The Simmons Family said...

Merry Christmas!!!! I love all the pictures and your Christmas Card is beautiful!

The echo sounds the same, which I always say is better than worse! :) Enjoy the holidays and I sure hope Mason starts to feel better soon!

We got a few ties and bows from Peanut Posh as well...Kamryn LOVES them!

Once again, Merry Christmas!!

♥ Michele ♥ said...

Your kids look adorable and I am so glad you were able to have Mason at home safe and sound with you during the holidays. I think about you often, hope you are hanging in there!! Take Care Summer!