Monday, December 14, 2009

For the love of Pictures

I have always loved to take pictures of our kids. I have also always loved to have lots of pictures of our kiddos and our family on display around our home. But with each additional child, picture taking (and then actually printing) seemed to get less and less.  Although, with Mason I have tried to be much better, especially as of the last few months, with taking lots of pictures! After talking with parents of "Angels" who have passed on..... they all say "I wish I had more pictures", for that's what helps keep memories alive!! I still endure each day with the HOPE we will have ALL of our children with us here on earth for many more years (and at this time, especially our broken hearted Mason who continues to amaze us all with his strength to fight), but definitely want to be prepared with lots of pictures!

Here are some pictures from Mason's birthday:

We have a tradition in our home that "The Birthday Angel" comes
and decorates your room in the middle of the night. This is Mason
after he woke up surrounded by helium balloons. At first he was scared, 
but soon decided it was a lot of fun to play with his b-day balloons.

Grandma stopped by around lunch time with a couple 
of new toys for the birthday boy! Then at nap time 
he had to lay down with them too.

Miracle Mason dressed and ready for his party.

All our kiddos gather around the Birthday Boy.

The Birthday Party:
We kept this year's celebration to just our little family
and our wonderful neighbors Brad & Lolly Sneed. (We
wanted to include them because they are moving soon
and we will miss them dearly! And they are of the
few people that Mason will hang out with happily!!!)

Mason's Cake (as you can tell I didn't graduate in cake decorating)

"Happy Birthday to you........."

Mason's thinking, "and you want me to do what with this?!!"

So.....his brothers decide to show him what to do by sticking 
his hand in his own little cake.  He was not too thrilled!!
"Okay, but wait Mason, you ate some last year when yo turned 1!"

He'd rather play with his new toys as he's thinking
"can't you just put some cake through my g-tube please?"

Mason was content playing the rest of the night as long as
no one offered him any more cake or tried to take his
 toys!  (Mason's thoughts"Uh oh, Ammon give those back
 to me, 'cuz when I can walk soon you will be very sorry!!" 

Even though it was a small gathering, it was a great celebration for our family as we celebrated 2 years of miracles.  For, our Mason has exceeded all medical expectations because of how sick he was at 3 days old!! 

"We love you Mason and hope you had a fun birthday", Dad, Mom, Kaitlin, Preston, Braiden, Ammon and all your extended family and friends who love you so dearly!!


Mindi D said...

SO cute! I love the Birthday Angel idea, that is great! He looks awesome, you'd never know he had a sad heart :( Hang in there, i will be waiting to hear the Stanford news.
Libbi's mom

Gourley said...

Happy Birthday Miracle Mason!!!!!!!!

Love You

The Simmons Family said...


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Mason! What a handsome birthday boy :)

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Happy Birthday Mason!

Moffitt Fam said...

I am so happy to hear Mason had a great Birthday!! I hope you hear some good news from stanford today!!