Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mason's First Halloween

As you'll see below I never really decided what Mason should be for Halloween. I know if Mason were to choose between the bear, the mouse, or the skeleton T-shirt he would choose the T-shirt. He didn't like being in the other costumes very long.
The week before Halloween the Strickland extended family had a big Halloween Bash at Grandma Marilyn's so I took Mason to Aunt Michelle's house, who lives right next door to Grandma M, for a little while, so we could see the action but not take him into the crowd. (That is the picture below that I am in with the kids except Kaitlin was over at the party and not in our picture).
Then on Halloween night we went to a "Trunk or Treat " in our church parking lot. So Mason got to see the action from the back of our Suburban. The kids had a fun Halloween and loved dressing Mason up. So for Halloween '08 Kaitlin was a 50's Diner waitress, Preston was a professional Skateboarder, Braiden was a football player, Ammon was "Hot Wheels" the race car driver, and Mason was ...well a Mouse, Bear and a Skeleton I guess.


Sorry I have not blogged in awhile about little Mason. For one, time to sit down at the computer is hard to come by in my life and second my computer has some serious problems and we even just replaced the hard drive. Bummer, I think we might need a new one. Santa are you listening???

However, Mason has been cold and cough free for 2 weeks now! Yeah for Mason. The inhaler meds seem to be helping. He has a bit of a runny nose and has been fussy in the wee hours of the night (whats new right? I now keep a pillow and blankets in the family room all the time for Mason & I for our nights in the Big Red Chair). But, he looks really good. His coloring is pink, he's eating baby food well, sitting up great, rolling some, and jibber jabbering alot. It's so fun to see his sweet personally begin to blossom. We feel blessed he is doing so well right now.

We appreciate our own trials when we look around us and see the trial of others. Our family has been remembering in our prayers some dear friends and want them to know we love them and feel for them during their times of trials. Two of these are other Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome babies. Gracie had to postpone her 2nd surgery until January because of complications. What a stressful time it has been for her family. And Owen has become a candidate for Heart transplant because of complications. Now his family is faced with some big decisions at this time. We also have a cousin of Mark's whose daughter had major throat surgery last week at Primary's. And my running buddy Andrea whose husband George is struggling with Lou Gerhig's disease. We want you to know how much we care. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you.


Michele said...

Thank you so much for mentioning our sweet Gracie in your blog. We appreciate your concern and prayers. I'm so glad to hear that Mason has been healthy lately! What a cutie in his costumes. We continue to pray for your 'Miracle Mason' as well. Take Care.

Kathy & Jason said...

Summer, your kids are so darling! I am so glad that Mason has had a good couple of weeks. You are so positive in your trials. Our prayers are with you! Kathy