Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mason!

Wow! Has it really been a year? In some ways it seems like just yesterday we were in the PICU at Primary's for his first surgery and in other ways it has been one really long year.
Mason was an itty bitty 5 lb.s 8 oz. when he was born and has been through a lot, but come a long way! When he was born and I held him in my arms just like my other kids, those most amazing unforgettable "Mommy Moments", something was a little different about him, but had no idea that he had a serious heart problem! He was a bit blue, but we all figured it was bruising possibly from his fast birth. He didn't nurse well right away, but all my other babies had. We just figured he was just tired and maybe because he was so little, not because he just didn't have the strength due to his failing heart function. It seems like a dream just remembering all this! Mason even got a normal score on his apgar test. But over the next few days it all went down hill from there.
I took Mason on Friday to his one year old check up, which was a celebration in itself just to be there!!! He weighed in at 14 lbs. 14 oz. (I was hoping at least for 15! Maybe I shouldn't have changed his wet diaper before!) And he is 26 1/2 inches long. He is almost on the growth charts, but at least his growth is steady. He has come a long way for a 5 lb heart baby!
He is still nursing and eating more and more baby food and a few finger foods. No new tricks for his motor skills, but hopefully we can get him crawling soon.
We celebrated with a few family members on Thanksgiving and will have another little celebration tomorrow night. We have invited a few of the amazing people who have helped in Mason's care this last year, over to our home to help us celebrate this miraculous first birthday. I will post pictures of Mason and his birthday celebration in my next post.
On this day of November 30th, 2008 I am more grateful than words can express for the special blessing Miracle Mason is in my life. Miracles do happen! And prayers are heard!
Happy Birthday Mason Andrew!


sk_skaggs said...

Happy 1st Birthday Mason we love you!!

The Simmons Family said...

Happy FIRST Birthday Mason!! You ARE a miracle!!


Cord said...

Happy Birthday Mason. It was my 38th. You only have 37 more to catch up with me. Tell you parents that they have an awesome family.

Your favorite Uncle,


Mandee said...

Happy Birthday Mason! We love you!

queenieweenie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Mason Dear!

Foulgers said...

Mason looks so adorable in all of his pictures!! We love you Mason and are so happy you are a part of our family.

Munchkin said...

That brought me to tears!!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday Mason!! Here's to many, many more!!