Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beileve It Or Not, I'm 11 months old Today!!

" It is a rare occasion you catch me asleep not in my mom's arms!"
Think I'm spoiled?

" It was that silly swing that put me to sleep!"

" Big Brother Braiden was begging to put me in this
costume today! Mom says she can't decide between
this mouse or a little brown bear for Halloween
tomorrow. Personally, I just want it off. Please!"

Happy 11 months little Miracle Mason. We love you more than words can express!
Hugs and Kisses, Mom, Dad, Kaitlin, Preston, Braiden, & Ammon


sk_skaggs said...

So cute love the costume!

Munchkin said...

what a cute little guy!

Robin said...

Mason was so cute at Trunk-or-Treating. He is such a sweatheart and I'm glad he's feeling well.