Friday, October 25, 2013

The Best Sister Ever

***First of all, Mason's heart biopsy that was scheduled for today was bumped until Monday. The transplant team called yesterday and asked us to change because they needed to get a couple of kiddos with more emergent cases into the cath lab today. I had actually worried all week if we should go forward with the biopsy because Mason has had a yucky cough for two weeks, since his back surgery. Although, our pediatrician checked him out earlier in the week and said his lungs sound clear (which is of course great news!!!), I was still a bit leery to send him for another round of general anesthesia. So, hopefully an extra three days will help in clearing up the cough before his biopsy on Monday. But I do not want to bump it any further out because its been 10 weeks since his last biopsy and we've been following this rejection since March! Please think lots of positive happy healthy heart thoughts and remember Mason in your prayers that his rejection will be gone!

I am a month late, but wanted to honor our September birthday girl and post a little about Mason's big (and only) sister...... THE BEST SISTER EVER......Kaitlin!

Our beautiful daughter Kaitlin
turned 15 on September 16.
It's so hard to believe she is 15!
My baby girl has grown up!
Where does the time go?

Kaitlin is definitely one of Mason's favorite 
buddies to hang out with! You know for sure
that Mason has a teenage sister because he loves to
 sing and dance to Taylor Swift and One Direction.
In fact Kaitlin and I took Mason to see the late
night showing of the One Direction Movie.
He danced and sang through the entire movie!
Kaitlin was so sweet to choose to go with Mason
to the movie instead of a bunch of friends.

It is a rare occasion to catch Kaitlin without
a smile on her face, (especially now that her
braces are off)! She is a bubbly happy girl 
that is loved by so many!

Kaitlin will always be my shopping buddy and
my fashion consultant! That's what daughters
are for right?! And, now that she's 15 with a 
driver's permit my chauffeur she has also become!
(Driving?? That's right!!! Kind of scary huh?!)
But, most of all I am so very grateful for
 our friendship and that I can call her mine!

(Kaitlin with her cousins Brooke and Nicole)

Kaitlin loves to spend time with her cousins, 
who are some of her best friends!

(Kaitlin with her cousins Elise and Nicole
at  a wedding reception at Alta ski resort)

(Kaitlin with her cousin Natalie at 
Temple Square in Salt Lake City)

Kaitlin also loves to do anything outdoors.
I must also say, she is quite the amazing wake surfer!

On the Saturday before her birthday she chose to 
take some cousins and friends to the lake 
for a day on the boat for her birthday celebration.

As a family we also celebrated her actual 
birthday with an evening at the lake.

Mason and I took Kaitlin and two friends
out of  school for a fun birthday lunch as well.
Mason loves to be a part of any celebration and
Kaitlin and her friends are always so sweet to him!

I'm sorry this post is late, 
but please know how very
much I love you!
I hope you had a great
birthday and I wish you 
a wonderful year to come!
May you always remember 
who you are and know
we are so proud you 
are our daughter!!

Thanks for also being

(I will try to post Monday night or Tuesday Morning with  Mason's biopsy results.)

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