Friday, October 11, 2013

Back Home After Rod Expansion Surgery #3

It's no wonder why Mason loves hospital stays! Wouldn't you if you got to drive around in a police car?! Mason also loves to meet up with some of his heart friends and their mommies while we are there. He loves that the childlife specialists will supply him with all the play-do and toys that he wants and that the nurses will get him root beer or sprite at anytime of day or night. According to Mason, hospital life isn't so bad, because he didn't want to go home today after just a one night say! He asked me this morning, "Can we stay 'til tomorrow Mom please?"

As for me, I'll take a one night stay anytime, because that means all went well with no complications to keep us there! Which is exactly why we are back home tonight snuggled up in our pj's on the couch watching one of Mason's favorite TV shows Flashpoint.....because, all went pretty well yesterday. Hooray! 

I will say though, that this back rod expansion was tougher on Mason than the other two were. He had some respiratory distress after the surgery, most likely because he recently had a cough and some respiratory junk, the breathing tube used during surgery must have stirred things up (even though he has sounded clear for over a week now) and he came out super congested and needing O2. He continued to need O2 the rest of the day and night, but today he's doing just fine without it. He has also been in quite a bit more pain with this expansion, which made him super fussy and uncooperative yesterday when he needed to have an O2 cannula on. But, after the right cocktail of pain meds he was feeling better by last night and even better today. 

In fact this morning, he was feeling well enough to put on his Halloween costume, a SWAT police officer, (that of course he had to bring with us to the hospital), and cruise around the hospital in a Little Tikes police car. Mason is one brave little boy and not much ever stops him from enjoying life, even a 3 inch incision in his back! I learn more from him each day!!

We also got his monthly IVIg treatment done over night so now we don't have to go back to Primary's for two weeks when he has his biopsy. We are hoping for a quick recovery and a healthy couple of weeks so that Mason will be ready his biopsy on the 25th. 

Thanks for all your love and prayers!

Today's lesson from Miracle Mason:

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