Thursday, September 8, 2011

It’s that time of year again…….

             The third annual Mason Monster golf tournament is scheduled for Saturday October 8, 2011. This year it will be at Fox Hollow Golf Course in American Fork, Utah.  Have questions, want to register, or donate items for the raffle ??? Please contact Cecil Read at or 801-318-8181

             Thank you to Cecil and Melina for wanting to continue this annual fundraiser for Miracle Mason’s medical fund!!! Mason’s bills and medicine co pays continue to be very overwhelming. I still get large bills for Mason’s transplant in 2010 and probably will for the rest of my life. But, Mason is ALIVE and doing great….. So that’s what really matters!!! Every little bit put in Mason’s fund helps!!

It’s also that time of year……… that school starts. It’s hard to believe how fast the summer flew by, let alone how fast my kids are growing up. Each one of them is a unique piece of our family puzzle, and as they grow up they become even more unique and more important to our family as a whole! It’s sad and fun all at the same time to watch your children blossom before your eyes. All of them are such good helpers and have sacrificed a lot since Mason was born. I love them each so much!!!

Kaitlin and Ammon

Kaitlin on her 1st day of 7th grade at
Timberline middle school.

Ammon on his 1st day of school at 
Quail Run Charter School.

Preston and Braiden

Preston on his 1st day of 5th grade
at Westfield Elementary.

Braiden on his 1st day of 3rd grade
at Westfield Elementary.

Needless to say I miss them being home to play and help with Mason since they are back at school now! But, at the same time, it is nice to have a little peace and quiet for nap times, a little time to get things done around the house, and non-interrupted therapy time for Mason. When Mason wakes up from his nap everyday now the first thing he asks is “Are the kids home?” Oh how he loves them!!!

And it’s that time of year………. for us to take that summer vacation that we never took! Because of Mason being so sick in June and then still being on and off of oxygen in July we didn’t feel comfortable taking him on a trip. August was a much better month for him so last week Mark and I decided to take the family on a much needed, late summer vacation missing a few days of school and work. The transplant team was fine with us taking Mason on a trip, because on Thursday morning at clinic his echo looked great and he’s had no symptoms of rejection. (An added bonus: his tricuspid valve is back down to moderate leakage, from being severe during his pneumonia in June.)

Last Thursday afternoon we packed up the car and headed to Cali. The drive is always long but, the reward of the beach at the end makes it all worth it. This was Mason’s first trip to Southern California (thus I hadn’t been since I was pregnant with Mason either) and he absolutely loved the beach. It was just one giant sand box to him!

Before Mason was born we used to take a trip down at least once a year to my old tromping grounds in San Clemente, Capo Beach, and Dana Point. Mason’s health until now had just been too delicate for such an adventure!  It was like a breath of fresh air to finally play on the beach for a few days again.



Braiden and Mason

Mason in his Stanford Golf hat 
enjoying the "giant sand box".

Braiden, Mason, Ammon, and cousin Thompson
had a great time playing together.

Oh no!!! Cousin Thompson, Mason, and Ammon 
were burried in the sand by Braiden and Pretson.

 A lot of fun boogie boarding, surfing, skin boarding, and just playing in the waves was had by all! Several sandcastles were built and knocked down. Good visits with some special friends and family were enjoyed. Time was well spent under the California sun!!!

And then.......... to top off our fun get-a-way we were gifted money for tickets to experience the Magical Kingdom of Disneyland! What a wonderful way to end our vacation. We all had a blast! Mason didn’t want anything to do with the live characters though. (I was surprised he was scared of them, because they weren’t wearing scrubs!!) On the other hand Ammon was in heaven to meet and hug the characters!!!

Our family with Mickey

Mark and Ammon

It was an abnormally hot and humid
90 degree day at Disneyland!! We kept
pouring water over the boys' hair to
keep them cool and happy.

Mason was so exhausted from our days at the 
beach that he finally fell asleep in the stroller 
while our older kids continued to go on rides.

It was wonderful to spend time together as a family. I think all of us could have enjoyed a few more weeks at the beach, but reality called us home. The new date for Mason's biopsy and MRI is on September 29th. If you don't hear from me before then, just remember no news is good news! Also please call Cecil and register for Mason's golf tournament. Cecil does a great job planning it and everyone always has a great time.


sheila said...
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sheila said...

Love the photos of the kids going back to school and the trip to Southern California. What a blessing it is that Mason was well enough for such a trip. Mason Looks GREAT! Kaitlin looks darling...hard to believe she is in 7th grade.

Jamie said...

I love reading happy posts! That's so great that you were able to enjoy a fun vacation with your family! Looks like Tyson and Preston are in the same class...FUN!!