Friday, September 30, 2011

Simply Beautuful


The colors are bold.

The colors are happy.

The colors are beautiful.

I simply love the fall.

Nothing can compare.

Well, except......

Good News.

 Good News is simply just as beautiful.

Mason's had more than his share of

not so good news in his short little life.

Thus when we get good news, 

it is simply beautiful.

Mason's test results this time are SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!

His biopsy came back a big bold beautiful ZERO!

And, his coronary arteries are healthy and happy!

I love good news.

It is simply beautiful.

NOTHING can compare!

Congratulations Miracle Mason!!

You are so brave.

You are so courageous.

You deserve this happy good news.

Miracle Mason,


Thank you for your love of life.

You are an amazing example to us all.


Lacey said...

Yea for good news! Our miracle boys deserve a little of that from time to time!

cici said...

You have come along way Baby Boy.

Love and Faith have seen you through the hard times and now it's time to rejoice and celebrate!
We are so proud of Mr. Miracle Mason
xoxo :0)

madelyn said...

What a beautiful update all the way around! Mason, you are such an inspiration to us. Enjoy this new, beautiful fall season! Hugs from all of us---

Jamie said...

That's awesome news Summer! So happy for Mason and the whole Strickland gang :)

Neldajay said...

That's great news. Glad that he is doing wonderful! Great photos too!

Robin said...


Melanie said...


Jennifer said...

Wonderful wonderful news!!!!
Mason looks great!
Love those fall leaves too!!!!

Keri said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! Such great news for all of you. SO happy for you, SUm!
I missed the Golf Tournie so just donated to his trust fund. My thoughts are with you as you take a breather and feel peace at this time of his great health
Love you, Summer girl!

Britt said...

Miracle Mason, you bring a smile to my face and even though we have never met face to face, we love you and the inspiration you are!