Thursday, August 25, 2011

Change of Plans

I thought I should post for any of you who remembered from my last post that Mason was scheduled today for a cath/biopsy and coronary artery MRI today that plans changed. I came down with an awful stomach flu (fever, headache, vomiting etc...) on Tuesday afternoon. I hoped and prayed it was just a 12 -24 bug and that I could get over it by today so that I could still take Mason in for his procedure, but last night at 8 pm when I was still feeling crummy and hadn't kept anything down in over 30 hours I decided I better call Primary's and cancel! I'm sure they weren't happy with me that I canceled so late, because it messes up their schedules for the cath lab and MRI room. But, I was certain I was going to kick it in time to take Mason still. It is very difficult to get these two procedures scheduled back to back so I just hated to cancel!!! 

I am feeling a little better today, but not well enough to have taken Mason in at 6am this morning and stayed at Primary's all day. Besides I certainly wouldn't want to spread this around!!! Then to top it off, Ammon woke up today with a fever so I kept him home from school. That would have caused a definite problem if I had not canceled Mason's appointment as well. I guess just when I think life is becoming a little more normal and predictable the unexpected happens!!

When I talked to Michelle from the transplant team last night she said they would work on getting Mason re-scheduled ASAP and if it doesn't get scheduled for next week then I will need to take Mason into Thursday's transplant clinic for a doctor visit and blood draw. He was supposed to have labs drawn today to check several things, but especially his Prograf level because it has been 3 weeks since his last blood draw to check his level. Mason seems to be doing fantastic, but without his Prograf level being high enough sometimes that mean old rejection can be sneaky and inconspicuous and show no signs ........ so I pray Mason's heart is doing well with no trouble from that rejection enemy! Also I was very much so looking forward to today's biopsy, good clean results, and then the final taper to get Mason off of his steroids. That being said I hope they can get us re-scheduled sooner than later!!

Please pray Mason does not get this awful flu that has done a number on me! Mom's are not supposed to get sick, but I can kick this better than an immune compromised transplant patient any day! And, Mason definitely would have trouble staying above water with this terrible bug!!!

Our kiddos all started school this week so I will post some cute 'first day of school' pictures soon. Mason certainly has missed having them home to play with, but he's also been busy with physical therapy and speech (that we are now getting through Intermountain Home Health Care through our insurance, and his new therapists are FABULOUS). 

Kaitlin did survive her babysitting adventure back in New Hampshire and returned home safely! She at times watched 9 or 10 kids by herself and I was told she did an amazing job! I'm so proud of her. She also had  A LOT of fun playing on the lake and learning to wake surf!!!

I'm off to nap with Mason and Ammon before the other kiddos come home from school, but I will post again soon.

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