Friday, July 2, 2010

Look Who's 31 Months Now!!

At 31 months:
Mason weighs 25.5 lbs (that's all cheeks I think!),
loves playing w/ cars, balls, and looking at books,
favorite place to go is to the park to go on the swings,
least favorite place to go is the hospital (wonder why?!),
cruises furniture, but not quite walking yet (we're working on it),
must have his favorite blanky everywhere we go now,
talking and mimicking new words more and more each day,
and he is most happy when he's with his family!!

Here are pictures of the week (including Father's Day weekend)
that we all spent together and Mason was ALL SMILES:

Thanks to donated tickets and tips on great discounts we did
many fun things! I armed myself w/ Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer,
Mason's masks (especially for anyplace indoors), Mason's meds,
my camera, and off we went to make memories together!! When
I would let Mason go on a ride, slide, swing etc...I'd wipe it off
to sanitize it first, getting many weird looks from people- which
makes me think I should design him a shirt that says in real big
W/ GERMS! (don't you think that would be a good idea?!)

Kaitlin, Sammi, & Ammon

"I want out!"

Very happy to finally have a turn on something!


Kaitlin & Ammon

Kaitlin & Mason

A Visit to STANFORD CAMPUS found us at a
beautiful water fountain to throw in wishing pennies.
Ammon only had one thing in his mind.........getting in the water.

Here's Sammi trying to keep him out.

But, the second we turned our backs, he went for it!!!

Kailin threw off her sweater and went in to get him!

Ammon was very happy that he succeeded in getting all wet!
Mason thought it was very funny too and his laugh is so absolutely
adorable it made it difficult for me to get mad at Ammon!


Braiden, Ammon, & Daddy

I had to get a picture of this sign because of all
the speed bumps we've ran into on this journey!!!


Mason was in charge of this jeep ride w/
Preston and Braiden.

"Happy Father's Day" weekend to Mark!
We were very grateful to all be together.

Preston, Ammon, & Braiden

A visit to the wharf in SAN FRANCISCO
Sammi and Kaitlin rode a ferry over to see Alcatraz island,
while Mark and I took the 4 boys to the Exploritorium.

Preston and his invention

Braiden and his invention

Ammon found lots of fun things to do........of course!

Mason was very good about wearing his mask.
What a Good Boy!

Fun Times at the Park

Mason was very warn out by the end of the week!!
But, we had a great time!!!!

Thanks for celebrating 31 miraculous months with us,
as well as all your prayers that have helped us get
this far in our "Broken Hearted" journey!

***PS. Toward the bottom of the right column on the blog I have made a link list of all the companies who donated items to Mason's fundraiser. Please check it out! Thank you to all of you who made the auction possible by donating.


12ontheinside said...

I think a shirt like that for your Mason is a really good idea - you might have thought of it in jest, but it just might make other people think twice and consider there might be really good reasons behind people behaving unusually in future. I know it would work for me. Sending all positive thoughts to you and your family.

Mindi D said...

Looks like a fun time! I'm so happy for your family! And yes, get the shirt made, it'd be perfect!!!

Cassie and Chad said...

I love seeing pictures of your darling family. What a great weekend to get to spend together, happy Father's Day to Mark. I love that you are allowing all of us to "Enjoy the Journey" with you on this not so fun Journey of Miracle Mason. We love you guys!!!

Jennifer said...

HOW fun! Glad you got to have some family time!!!

Melissa said...

You joke about the shirt but I also have given that serious thought. People don't ask before touching and once it's done what can you do?