Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Thank You" To Many Wonderful People

Over the last 2 months since Mason's transplant, many wonderful people have sent us some very special gifts of love. Each time Mason and I have received a gift I have cried tears of gratitude and happiness. I am truly in awe of how many hundreds of people have been touched by Mason's story. It is all of your prayers, love, and support that have carried me through this tough journey. THANK YOU!!!

Here are pictures of a few of our special gifts:

This a poster (front & back) Mason received from all the children
from church back home. Upon it are very sweet notes personally written
by the children and pictures of each class. The nursery aged kids
(Mason's age group) included their handprints and a note from their
teacher that says they pray for Mason by name every Sunday in class.
This is so special to us, to know how all these kiddos pray for our Mason!
This one really made me cry!!! Thank you!

A very kind blog friend from New York sent Mason
2 new shirts to celebrate our discharge. They are just perfect!
Thank you!

A fellow "Heart Mommy" (Mommy to Cooper) sent me two
darling charms. She also sells these Hopeful Hearts charms
and gives a portion of the proceeds to a local heart foundation.
I love these charms and wear them all the time!! Thank you!

The next 2 pictures are from a FREE photo shoot we were
gifted from the Littlest Heroes Project. This a is a very
large group of Photographers worldwide that donate their
time and talent to children with life threatening illnesses.
Oh how I love pictures! They are absolutely priceless!

A very big "thank you" to Michelle Riddle from Santa Cruz,
who was our photographer. She did a wonderful job!
I couldn't have asked for anyone better! Please click on her
name and it will link you to her blog. You can see additional
pictures of Mason, plus more of her beautiful work.

We've also received toys, flowers, get well balloons, cards, books, music cd's, treats, meals, gift cards, sky miles...and more from Utah, New York, Conneticut, Philidelphia, and California! Many, many thank you's.

These sweet surprises definitely help on days when we are homesick or going over some of Mason's "speed bumps".

And thank you to those who continue to take meals to my family at home and to our neighbor hood watchers who make sure my kids all make it home before midnight!!! (Okay, not really midnight, but close sometimes I think! Dad's just don't believe in bedtimes like Mom's do!!) Thank you to Mark (Daddy) and Sammi (Nanny) for doing ALL YOU DO to hold down the fort while I'm away!

A quick update:

Mason had his transplant clinic today (Wednesday) and the doctors continue to be very happy w/ his progress. His echo showed that his heart still has perfect function! Yeah!! We are having trouble geting Mason's Cyclosporine level correct though! They want it around 300- 350 (the amount found in his blood 12 hours after the last dose) and last week his was 450. So they slightly lowered his dose and now Monday's blood draw showed a level of 250. It is just all over the place! Too much can cause high blood pressure and other problems, too little isn't doing enough anti-rejection. After going back up on his dose Monday night we will go again Friday for another blood draw. Eventually we will get it right!

Mason doesn't have another catheter or biopsy until June 29th! Yeah! A well deserved break for my little guy. When we get to go home will depend a lot on this next biopsy! Please pray with us for a ZERO.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One note about Mason's Celebration Night fundraiser:

Several people have asked me if there will be food at "The Celebration". I have been told that the night will consist of dessert , an auction, and a concert. Thank you to those who are planning on attending! Please spread the word!!


Summer said...

I am so happy Mason is doing so well. I have posted his fundraiser info on my blog so if any friends are in Utah they can attend. Unfortunately living in South Dakota I am a bit too far away but I will send my happy thoughts and prayers on the big day!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE that necklace! How perfect!

Sunshine said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures on today's post. Mason is an absolutely beautiful child. I would love to have a charm made. Please let me know who I can contact to order and purchase one. Love and friendship to you, Mason, and your wonderful family.

judd and ash said...

i love those pics of mason they are so precious and i am glad you like the necklace...i would love to donate some of my jewelry for your fundraiser, let me know if you are interested...i would be happy to help:)
it looks like things are looking good for you guys, hopefully you will be able to come home soon. you and little mason will continue to be in my prayers.

madelyn said...

I'm glad the recent news is all good news! Keep it coming. Praying for a ZERO at the end of the month.

Mindi D said...

I love his chubby cheeks he is so dang cute! It makes my day that he is doing so great!!!