Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Love Short Stays

Mason already got discharged!! Wow! Very hard to believe with Mason's history. This was Mason's SHORTEST hospital stay for being sick. We both were very happy to head back to our "home-away-from-home".

After looking at yesterday's echo, Dr. Chin ( 1 0f the 2 transplant team dr's) doesn't think this is rejection! Yeah!! Normally w/ rejection there would be a change in function, but Mason's new heart continues to have great function w/ no apparent changes. I love GREAT NEWS!!

Last night Mason got one dose of IV antibiotic because the radiologist who read his chest x-ray said there was some pneumonia on his left lung. But......this morning when Dr. Chin looked at it he said his left lung looked fine. Without knowing Mason's history of having the Glenn surgery (re-routing his superior vena cava artery) and his lower left pulmonary vein stenosis it could appear like a mild pneumonia. So, more GREAT NEWS......stopped the antibiotic and Mason has clear lungs!!

Mason also stopped vomiting for 24+ hours. Yeah! That also would have kept us there, because he needs to keep ALL his meds down.........they all are very important for fighting off rejection.

The conclusion: Mason has some nasty little viral bug, but better off out of the hospital so he doesn't pick up an additional sickness! He's still not feeling wonderful, but definitely happier to be sleeping at home tonight. (Me too!)

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

See you tomorrow night (by SKYPE at the fundraiser)!


The Simmons Family said...

That's great news!!!!

Bob and Joan said...

We have been away for awhile and so thrilled to return and catch up and see Mason's reports as they end on a high. So excited for all of you!

Jenny Lincoln said...

Wonderful news!! Glad you're out of the hospital! :)

Gourley said...

That is Awesome!!!!!! We are so excited to see you guys soon. Mason is a STUD!!!!

Stefenie said...

It's great to hear that Mason was released and is doing much better!

Always praying!!

Jennifer said...

Thank goodness it's a virus!

Good luck "at" the fundraiser.

Keri said...

so glad you and Mason have such good news and blessings in your life right now. He is so cute and looks more and more like Mark. Sorry Sum! :)
cant wait to hear about the dinner. Sounds like you have such amazing friends and community support. What a blessing to be in Zion as a homebase thru this. I am so sorry your other kiddos are so far away.
I miss you Sum and pray for Mason.
I love you, Summer girl!!
xxx Keri