Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Biopsy 5 Today

Just a bit of quick good news and I will post more hopefully tonight.

1) Mason was "well behaved" in the cath lab today for his Biopsy #5. Everything went smoothly and we just got home to take a much needed nap. We will hopefully have results tomorrow afternoon. But I've definitely learned not to hold my breath waiting for results when they say they will have them!!!

2) DSA results from Friday night showed no new rebounding antigens (the bad compliment binding antigens which cause trouble with his donor heart). He does still have the same one that he had back on May 10 and at higher percentages now, but nothing so concerning that they kept Mason at the hospital. We will go back on Thursday for the already scheduled IVIg infusion to help get rid of the "naughty" antibodies.

3) I also got my computer back this morning!! Yeah!! And it was all covered under warranty! So now I'm back in the blogging business, keeping all those out there who have fallen in love with my little Miracle Boy updated on the latest and greatest of our journey.

I hope to download pictures tonight to celebrate Mason's 30 month b-day which was on Sunday.

And....ps....sorry the fundraiser flyer did not get posted yet. I've been told that our dear friend who is the graphic artist working on it has been ill. Keep checking back please.


madelyn said...

Praying that all the forthcoming news is GOOD NEWS!!! Hang in there.

The Simmons Family said...

Wow... those naughty antibodies need to go away!! I hope the biopsy comes back better and that the IVIG does the trick for good!

Happy 30 month birthday big guy!

I'm glad you have your computer back. I'm sure it feels good!

Sarah and Will Carver said...

Praying for better news around the corner. Happy to hear you now have your computer back:) Look forward to those pics!

cici said...

news or no news I still pray for this little man.
Keeping fingers and toes crossed for happy news!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your computer back and Mason is doing everything he can to stay out of the hospital besides for "short" visits. I look for your updates daily on Mason. Let things continue to move forward for him so that you can both get back home to your family soon!!

Traci (SVASD and PAPVR)

Mindi D said...

We will be waiting to hear #5 results! And can't wait for the fundraiser :)