Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Long Friday

I got all the kids off to school and Ammon to Grandma's (he couldn't go to preschool with his runny nose) and left for Primary's a little after 9am. I checked Mason in at Same Day Surgery (even though he wasn't having surgery, this is where you check in for general anesthesia as requested by Dr. Everett)) at 10am.

While we there waiting, the sedation department for most CT's, MRI's etc... (they sedate w/ sleepy meds through an IV) also had Mason scheduled to be sedated by them. So they told the cardiac anesthesiologist who had been assigned to Mason's case that there must have been a confusion and he didn't need to do it.

Mean while at 12:30 Mason and I continued to wait for our anesthesiologist up in "same day", he went home, because supposedly he was done with his cases for his 24 hour shift!

Finally after checking with the nurses at least 3 times about why we were waiting so long..... as poor Mason got hungrier and hungrier (he stopped getting any kind of food/formula at 5am!), a nurse tech took us down to the "Imaging check in". They sent us to sedation, whom I told he was supposed to have general anesthesia ......yikes! At this point I discovered what was going on and was very frustrated! It was now 1pm!!!

After Sedation checked w/ Dr. E , they realized I was right and had to call the anesthesiologist back to the hospital, because all the other cardiac anesthesiologist were busy! NIGHTMARE!!!

By 230-245 he was finally sedated and getting his chest CT w/ angiogram! Which only took 5 minutes. ALL that for a 5 min. sedation ??!!

After recovering from his sedation we checked w/ Dr. E and the CT report wasn't finished we decided to head home in an effort to beat traffic!

All the radiologist told me was "it went well and we were able to get all the images needed". That didn't give many any of the info I wanted! But at least that means we won't need to do it over again.

I expected a call from Michelle, Dr. Everett's nurse practitioner, last night. But to top off our long day, I received no phone call! Hopefully NO NEWS means NO BAD NEWS!

Thank you for all the text messages, blog comments, and e-mails letting me know we were in your thought and prayers especially for this test yesterday!

I've got to go get Mason who's now crying....he has a brand new cough and runny nose! Darn looks like he's going on round 2! He coughed and cried most of the night. It was a very sleepless night, but I will not complain because I had undivided time with my Miracle Mason. For I still worry and cry often about the unknown..... how long do I have with him here on earth?!

I will post with a report of CT when I get one.

Have a great weekend!
Loves to you from Mason!


Gourley said...

We love you guys!!! we will be praying that the scan brings good results. Carter was finally sent home from the big house on the hill on the 19th. He had an echo that day as well. We have to go back on Wednesday to take his drainage tube out. So much fun right?

Anyway. Hope Mason gets better from his cold. Ill also pray that you can get some sleep.

The Simmons Family said...

Oh I hope Mason gets better soon! Poor little guy. I get so frustrated when the hospital makes mistakes and things don't go like they should. It's not their baby that's starving and restless. I'm sorry your day was so long.

We're praying for GREAT news!!

PS. Call Stanford this week and make sure they get the CT results before you get there :) GOOD LUCK!

cici said...

I got annoyed just reading about the Hospital, so I can imagine all the emotions you had to try to hide yesterday.
Thankful that day is done and Mason is in your arms again.
A weekend full of Prayers are on my agenda for that little runny nose and good news from the CT.

Traci Bulkley said...

I found your blog from another heart family's blog. Our son was born in July with HLHS and we are preparing for the Glenn in the next few weeks. I haven't read very much of Mason's story yet, but he seems like a little fighter. I hope all goes well with the transplant process.

This is kind of random, but I think I used to work with your husband. At Brite Nites.

Michelle said...

Summer... Hospital mistakes are extremely frustrating! I have witnessed many mistakes either with myself, or with my kiddos. We've even had a couple mistakes in the Cardiology Clinic. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that. It's not fair! I also think that sometimes the hospital forgets what mom's with sick kiddos are going through. I hope and pray that Michelle or Dr. Everitt calls you first thing Monday morning. If not, call them! I'm assuming you have Michelle's direct number? If not, let me know and I'll give it to you. Good luck! Hopefully we will meet soon. You are an amazing mom! Thank you for your strength!

SanDee said...


You are so loved. Little Mason is so luck to have you as his mother.
I only wish I could take some of the pain away and help lift you burdens a little more.

We love you so much.
Mom and Wally

Steffani said...

Summer, Jeff Reeves. It would be comical if it weren't so tragic--but the communication in the medical industry is so lacking. I can't quite figure it out. Is it that these people have to work sometimes 36 hour shifts, or what? Good thing you stood up and got proactive, or you and Mr. Miracle might still be there!

Lynnette and Paul said...

We continue to pray for you, sweet Mason, and your beautiful family. Please know of our concern and hope for you guys. Hope Mason is feeling better. All our love.

Munchkin said...

Scott and I think of Mason often our prayers are with you.