Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Huge Success

Here is our sweet Mason. Mr. Miracle Mason, the guest
of honor at "Miles for Mason" last Saturday. He wasn't
quite sure what to think of the big crowd!

Miles for Mason was a huge success! The turn out was absolutely fabulous! At least 150+ people showed up to walk, ride, and buy t-shirts. It was very humbling, flattering, and heart felt for our family. Donations were extremely generous, many by people we didn't even know. Donations even came from people who could not attend, including Mason Supporters from outside of Utah. I wish I could write thank you's to each person who donated, but due to my limited extra time to do much of anything, but care for Mason and my other kiddos, and at least half of the donations were cash so I'm not sure who exactly donated......... Instead, I will right now publicly say THANK YOU!

Our family feels extremely honored to be loved and supported by so many during this time in our life which is so special, but yet very difficult. All the money raised will go directly to Mason's continued medical care, easing much of our financial stress. Words can not express how important this is to us!! We can now focus our time and energy on Mason and our family, instead of the medical bills. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Special gratitude goes out to:
Alejandro and Aida Vargas headed up "Miles for Mason with the help of friends, neighbors and sponsors. The sponsors were, Winder Dairy, Kohlers, Dialogue Marketing, and Evo Energy Drinks.

And as said by Alejandro ("Miles for Mason" Chairman), "The weather was perfect, the food was great, no accidents, no flats, and a great time riding our bikes supporting little Mason and his family. Thank you all !!!!"

These are the awesome t-shirts a friend designed for the ride.

Ammon was trying to help with the registration. Ha Ha!

One of the bikers trying to visit w/ Mason. He's quite shy
0r maybe it's just major stranger anxiety.

A group of our family supporters who came and walked w/ us.

Mason made a sweet new friend that day, Marion Vargas.


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