Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Look At Me! I'm 21 Months!

On Sunday (August 3oth) Mason turned 21 months. Every month, every milestone, is a miracle and a great celebration. Mason may be tiny ( a whole 17 1/2 lbs) but he is always over flowing with love and happiness. Even when days are chaotic and crazy with 5 kids going all different directions, all I have to do is look at Mason's constant smile to remember life's true remember how special it is to be a remember what is really important.

Here are a few cute pictures from August:

Mason in his favorite evening hangout spot, the back deck,
watching all the neighborhood kids play.

Mason is trying to climb the two steps from the
family room into the kitchen. He figured out how
to get down (scooting on his bum!) but is still
working on going back up. And he put big brother's
hat on all by himself.

Mason actually sleeping, this is a rare occasion!!
And not in his crib of course! Why would he sleep there?

Scooting around the kitchen on a lid to a pyrex cake dish
and attempting to empty out one of the kitchen cabinets.
Mason has this silly fetish for sitting on something.....
a paper plate, a book, a toy, a lid, a hat etc..
and scooting around the house on it.

Happy 21 months Mason! We love you! Thank you for filling our home with sunshine.

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The Simmons Family said...

OH I LOVE IT!!! Happy 21 Months!! Owen scoots around on things too.. I think it makes it easier to slide?? Funny. How did the cath go?