Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to School

Just a little late, but I wanted to post some cute pictures of Mason's big brothers and sister (since they are 4 of his greatest fans) on their first day back to school. The three oldest started on August 20th and Ammon started on August 27th.

Ammon (4 1/2) returned back to the same full-time school he has
been at the last year and a half. I am very happy that he is still
able to go to this certain preschool class, because his teacher is absolutely
wonderful and her program has helped his progress tremendously!
And the other bonus is that bus picks him up and brings him home
right from our house! This is a huge blessing and he loves the bus too.

Braiden (6 1/2) is now in first grade. He loves going to school
all day with the older kids. He hasn't complained once about the
school day being to long. He also loves lunch and recess now
because he gets to hang out with his big brother. Braiden eats lunch
with Preston and his friends and then they all go out and play football
together. I love that those two like to hang out!

Preston (8 1/2) is now in third grade. A month after we had moved to
our home here in highland he started kindergarten. I can't believe how
time flies. Preston, like most boys, has two favorite things at school...
recess and p.e. ! I am proud of Preston for including his little brother
at school with his friends. Football practice and games are the motivation
I use right now to get him do do his homework. Thank goodness for that.
Boys, boys, boys!!!

Kaitlin (turns 11 this week) is in 5th grade this year.
Because she is our oldest, she seems much older than this!
Kaitlin takes on so much responsibility in our family and I'm
so thankful to her for all her help. As usual, she is all about
fashion and friends, but manages to be a great student too!

I must say even though I dearly love all of my kiddos, I am very grateful to have them back in school at this time. With the heart breaking news about Mason being ineligible for a transplant I want to spend every possible minute I can with my sweet baby. This is the first time in many years that I only have 1 baby at home with me during the day (except for Mondays, Ammon doesn't have school). Usually I've had three kiddos home, because part-time preschool and half day kindergarten don't count! Time is a blessing right now. I am cherishing every moment my Miracle Mason and I have together.

Thank you to all of you for you prayers and dear thoughts of love!


Anonymous said...

Summer, I just got your most recent post and the heart breaking news. My heart aches with yours. I am awed with your faith and strength at such a difficult time. You are amazing Summer. I loved seeing pictures of your kids. They have gotten so big! I wouldn't recognize them. I have been praying for Mason and you and I will continue to pray. I love you Sum, Love Laura

cici said...

Beautiful family. You should be sooo proud.