Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please pray for Gracie!

Gracie Gledhill ("Gracie" on the heart buddies' list on the right side of our blog) is in need of your prayers. (Now this is a different Gracie than the one I mentioned in my last post. That is Gracie Gourley or "Gracie G" on our list.)

"Gracie" is in need of a true miracle! Yesterday she went in for her heart Cath. It was her 2nd one. She had one in November (maybe October, sorry) which showed her pressures were too high in her heart to go forward with the Glenn (the 2 nd surgery for Hypoplast Left babies) at that time. They had given her a couple months to hopefully bring the pressures down. So, yesterday was the day, and her family received very bad news. Her pressures were even higher, making her not a good candidate for the Glenn.

Now Gracie's parents are faced with some very tough decisions. She has already been through so much and has fought so many times to live. Please pray her little body will continue to fight and that her family can be touched by another miracle at this time. Miracles do happen!

As for our other little heart buddy, Gracie G, she is in the PICU still recovering from her surgery with many ups and downs. Please pray for this sweet heart baby too.

Mason has been sick still with a cough, runny nose, ear infections and now the stomach flu. In fact, I (Mom), was really sick yesterday with a horrible flu bug, and we've got strep throat at our house as well. But, I sure don't have to look very far too be glad for our sicky trial and not be in the shoes of some our "heart" friends.

We love you Gracie and Gracie! We will continue to pray for you and your families.


Gourley said...

We will be praying for her everyday. Thanks for the update. I am so happy to see Mason is doing so well, Carter is doing a lot of similar things. It is fun to see them so close in age doing the same things. Are prayers are with you and with Gracie's Family

Keri said...

You are in my prayers, Sum, and Gracie, too. I hope you are feeling better and remember you are one of my greatest heroes.
YOu are a supermom.

Heather said...

Hi Summer- I have been thinking about you! I hope is well and your family quickly recovers. Love you, Heather