Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy 14 months old to Mason!

Mason turned 14 months on Friday (Jan. 30, 09). Every month older is an amazing milestone and blessing for our little miracle baby!

At 14 months he :
*weighs 15 lbs 11 oz.
*eats solids well.
*likes baby cereal, fruits, vegies and finger foods too
(cheerios, crackers, etc)
*scoots around on his bum, usually in a circle.
*likes to jump in his "johnny jumper".
*still prefers sleeping in Mom's arms & sometimes in
his swing.
*has definite stranger anxiety (I believe he thinks most people
are nurses or surgeons!)
*has a fetish for playing with baby wipes.
*loves to play with his sister and brothers.
*just started clapping Saturday night.

Fortunately, Mason has been pretty healthy since November. Well, until this last week that is. He has been coming down with a cold all week (runny nose) and then on Friday he woke up with pink eye, Saturday with a yucky cough, and Sunday with an ear infection. Hopefully he can fight it off and not get any sicker. I am still so careful about crowds and taking him to public places etc..., but I guess with our other 4 kids going to school, germs are inevitable even with tons of hand sanitizer!

Mason has become quite a little trouble maker when he gets his hands on the box of baby wipes:

Why buy toys?! Baby wipes are all Mason needs for entertainment! We are just glad to see him moving around so he just needs to learn to really crawl. Very soon probably.

Also, please remember Mason's little heart buddy, Gracie Gourley, in your prayers. She goes in for her Glenn (2nd heart surgery) tommorrow.


Mandee said...

Yay for Mason! He's so big! Love the pics with the wipes!

queenieweenie said...

Love the curls on that sweet boy.

Likes Chocolate said...

I am also a heart mom and just read Mason's story with tears streaming down my face. I am amazed that he was even sent home from the hospital and that they didn't hear anything wrong with his heart on examination. I am so glad that you listened and took him to the doctors. I am even more amazed though that they didn't see anything wrong with his heart when you had your ultrasound. Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure it will help lots of other families out there who are given this diagnosis.

Evie's Story said...

Enjoyed finding your blog through another heart family who has you linked. Mason is precious! Incidentally, we have 5 also - 1 boy (our oldest) and 4 girls....our youngest Evie which also has a CHD. Blessings to your beautiful family!!