Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gracie and Gracie

Mason's dear heart friends Gracie (Gledhill) and Gracie G. (Gourley) are still in need of lots of prayers! They are both in the PICU at Primary Children's in critical condition. My heart aches to see what these sweet babies and their families are going through right now.

Gracie (Gledhill)

Gracie had some major complications with her heart transplant on Sunday and has been re-listed for another new heart. We pray and hope for another miracle for Dear Gracie Girl!

Gracie G (Gourley)

This sweet Gracie has had a very tough time recovering from her "Glen" open heart surgery. We pray her body will strengthen and recover at this time.

Seeing these "sweet-hearts" and their families struggle hits too close to home! I constantly worry about them & hope for a happy tomorrow! It makes our little family so grateful our Miracle Mason is home with us.

Please pray for Gracie and Gracie! No matter what religion you may be or not be our Dear Heavenly Father listens always. I have seen in my own life how important prayer is! Especially with my own children's special needs and this past year with Mason's major heart problems prayer helped comfort me and helps me endure each day's trials.

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The G Fam said...

Thank-you so much for this request. Both Gracies are so strong, but both have such a long road ahead of them. Prayers really do bring about miracles!