Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hello friends and family,

Mason is back up to the recovery floor and out of the PICU again. We are going for round 2 in our attempt to take him home soon. The Dr.s feel like they have found a good balance of his blood pressure medicine and his arythmia medicine to keep his arythmias and racing heart rates under control. As for the little clot, he his getting lovanox (sp.?) shots, which is a blood thinner. He will have to get these at home for the next 2-3 months. And no new infections cultured when we back to the PICU!!! Thank goodness. I am so glad we had these set backs here rather than at home.

They plan to do another echocardiagram on monday to check on his clot and heart function and if all looks good maybe next week will be the charmer and we will get to take him home! Although, now i am even more nervous to bring him home, if you can imagine..

Thanks for all your sweet thoughts and prayers.
*Mason w/ Mom and Dad in his presidential suite on the 3rd floor at PCMC!

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