Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year- Going Home Soon

Happy New Year!!!

Mason is doing well and we are suppose to bring him home tommorow!! The Dr.s were going to send him home last Saturday but that morning the skin around his incision was really red so they started him on an antibiotic and wanted to watch it for 72 hours It now looks fine and his blood work looks good. So if all goes well we will bring him home tomorrow. He will be coming home with an NG tube {feeding tube} becuse he gets worn out before he's done with each feeding. But each day he gets a little better at eating. And he will be on 4 oral medications as well. Our kids are so excoted to have him come home. Now we just have to keep him super healthy and germ free so his body can get stronger and be ready for his next open heart surgery {in about 3-4 months}. We are so greatful for the blessing of having him in our family and for all your prayers.


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