Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall Flashback

(A brief update on Mason- Monday's clinic appointment went well. His echo looked great, so these yucky recent illnesses have not affected his heart function. For that we are very grateful! I don't yet have results from the quantitative test for the CMV and EBV or the test to see if Mason is resistant to the IV med he is on. But, in the mean time he seems to be slowly getting better.) 

Here is a flashback for a few of the Strickland family fall happenings:

First day of school- August 21,2012
Kaitlin- 8th grade

Preston- 6th grade

Braiden- 4th grade

Ammon was so excited to get on the bus that he 
wouldn't let me get a picture before school.
And, after school he was too tired!

Ammon- 2nd day of 2nd grade

Mason, even though not going to school yet,
was getting ready for the first day of school too!

By the way, how do you freeze time?
My kids are growing up to fast!!!

Kaitlin's 14th Birthday-
September 16,2012

It is so hard for me to believe that my first baby and my only
 girl is now 14! Kaitlin is one very special, kind, amazing, and 
beautiful daughter. I am grateful for her and especially proud
 of the person she has become. She is a leader, a good friend,
a good example, a great student, a fashionista, and has a smile
that lights up the room. Kaitlin can meet up to any challenge
she faces. After a 4 1/2 year break from piano Kaitlin picked
 it up again about 6 months ago and she is becoming quite the
 pianist. I was so impressed at her recital earlier this month!
  She is also the most wanted babysitter in the neighborhood.
 If I want her I have to book her in advance!

Kaitlin, I love you! Happy belated birthday

Kaitlin got to go on a trip to New York with Mark
 as a special 14th birthday daddy-daughter date.
They went during UEA fall break in October.
They had a great time!

Fall Sports

Preston played in a fall lacrosse league.

Braiden played some fall baseball.

Braiden also played on a flag football team.

Ammon was invited to play on a neighborhood
soccer team. He had a great time and  I am so
 grateful to his team and coaches for including him.

Thank you to coaches Lynn and Calvin!

Mason is always the favorite fan on the sidelines
of all his brothers' games! Someday he'll be out there too!

Mason also loves trying on his brothers' sports gear.

Mason is one funny, happy kid! And on this day before thanksgiving I want to share with you how very full my gratitude is for Mason's donor. It is because of Mason's donor that this will be his 5th thanksgiving! It is because of his donor that our family will be spending tomorrow ALL together! My heart is full!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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madelyn said...

I'm glad Mason is feeling better. The combination of Pneumonia-mono is frightening! Thankfully it sounds like he is on the mend. Enjoy the fall weather and the indoors - we never travel in winter either! Hugs from all of us here in Georgia.