Saturday, June 25, 2011

Much Happier

Mason has made some great progress the last few days. Slowly his chest x-rays have gotten a little clearer each day. He still has a ways to go to get all of his junky secretions cleared out, but over all his lungs are much happier and he is feeling much better.

Yesterday (Friday) morning at rounds the docs decided to start weaning his ventilator settings. He did great all day as the vent gave him less and less support all day, so at 5:30 last night he was extubated (breathing tube taken out)! Oh how Mason is a much happier little boy now!!!

He is now on 1 liter of nasal cannula O2, which has been weaned from 2 liters at extubation. The plan is to continue weaning him down on the extra O2's now.

Mason also had an NJ (feeding tube placed through the nose that goes past the stomach and into the intestine) on Wednesday morning, so that he could continue getting calories and nutrition without the worry of vomiting with the breathing tube in and then aspirating. This morning that was taken out and he is slowly taking food by mouth and feeds through his g-tube button again. He is also much happier about this.

A few pictures:

Before yesterday...............


..........and after the extubation!!!
(Friday night)

A much happier Mason asking for some ice!

Mason's lavage sample (from his lung secretions) finally grew out a more specific micro-organism last night. He has enterobacter species in his lungs which hopefully now is getting killed off by his IV antibiotics. With this new information Mason was switched to Gentamicin, which is a more specific IV antibiotic used to treat the enterobacter bug.

Mason also will be moving from the CVICU some time today up to the third floor. This is always a great step to show us Mason is getting better and closer to returning home where he is happiest! I do not know how long he will need to be on the third floor, but baby steps forward is definitely great news! I hope in the future we can steer clear away from Mason getting sick with another lung infection like this. This was an awful one!!!

Thanks for your love, support, and prayers :)


sheila said...

Happy Mason is feeling better. Hope you will both be able to go home soon.

The Simmons Family said...

Fantastic news! I just adore him!

cici said...

Oh those pictures break my heart. Can't wait to see pics of him riding his bike and laughing with big brothers and sister.
Sooner than soon I hope!
I know EVERYBODY is breathing easier now.

madelyn said...

Baby steps! Getting extubated is a great step toward recovery. Praying for more good news, less lung junk, and more smiles & hugs coming your way.

ps if you're in CA look for the Harper family in CVICU. They are from here - B. (their son) & Ava share a cardiologist. You can tell them we sent you over :)

Jennifer said...

he's lookin good. such a sweet heart. everytime i check up on him (aka look at your blog) i can't help but just think to myself that i love that little guy! he's a fighter. :)