Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tomorrow is a BIG DAY

Mason and I (Mom) made it safely to Palo Alto Yesterday.

It's always a challenge to get through airport security with all of Mason's liquid meds and cans of formula...but it's getting a little easier each time, because I know the routine now. I always feel bad for the people behind us in the security line and wish I could just wear a sign on my back that reads "sorry for the hold up, but my son is a heart transplant kiddo and takes oodles of liquid meds and uses a feeding pump". It always feels like a great success when we finally get through!!

It has been a refreshing visit to this beautiful town. Spring is here with gorgeous flowers everywhere. (Unlike Utah that always has trouble figuring out it's spring until it's too late and our tulips freeze!) It brings back such special and emotional memories of last spring when Mason was given new life just like the blossoming angelic new springtime flowers that are in abundance here right now.

Okay, so tomorrow is not as big a day as any of Mason's 3 open heart surgeries...... and especially not as big a day as receiving his new Angel heart on Easter Sunday, but it is still a big day!

It has been almost 3 months since Mason's last biopsy. Even though he seems to be doing great and showing no signs of rejection, there is still the possibility of rejection being detected from the biopsy. This means I am nervous! It would be so so so great to get the news of ZERO rejection for this one year biopsy so Mason can finally start weaning off some of his meds. What is needed right now: PRAYER. FAITH. HOPE.

It is also a big day because Mason will be having a full heart cath. From this we will find out how well Mason's heart is functioning and also what is going on with his pulmonary vein stenonis. More PRAYER, FAITH, and HOPE is needed to bring good news. Mason is our miracle boy so I know he'll be closely watched over and protected in the cath lab tomorrow.

I will update as soon as possible after Mason's cath tomorrow.


Erin said...

Prayers for Mason and for your family!! <3

Kaidence's Mommy said...

Sending love and prayers your way! Dang, I think K may have another cath coming up soon. They make me nervouse. Mason will do great and score a great big ZERO. The only time we ever want our kiddos to score a ZERO!

Lisette said...

Praying for Mason