Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

(Sorry for the delayed update. I started this last night, but never finished it.)

After I got the awaited phone call this afternoon (Thursday) from Nancy, Mason's transplant nurse, Mason and I went out for a walk and got caught in a big rainstorm. I pulled out an umbrella from the stroller to try and protect us from getting all wet, but the wind picked up and blew that poor little umbrella to pieces. Mason began to laugh at the sight of our strangled umbrella. Then he looked up into the sky letting the rain hit his face and laughed even more. At that moment Mason helped me remember one of my favorite quotes.............

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to passit’s learning to dance in the rain.”

I wouldn't say the phone call brought a big storm into our life, just some unexpected light rain showers. Mason's biopsy came back so far as a 1A rejection due to cellular mediated rejection. They are still waiting to see if he has any antibody mediated rejection as well. Those results should be back sometime on Friday. What does this mean? It's obviously not that beautiful zero we were hoping for, but 1A is not too bad. Mason has some mild rejection beginning to attack his heart which can usually be treated by some adjustments in his medications.

I'm still waiting to hear the docs' plan of action. Most likely Mason will not get to wean off his steroids quite yet as we had been wishing for, but at least this news will not require a hospital admittance. We all know (including all of you amazing blog followers) that Mason is truly Miracle Mason, but he does usually have his own agenda and plan to send us a few curve balls or speed bumps along this journey. I will not complain about these results. Instead I will dance with Mason in the rain to celebrate how far he has come this last year with his new heart!

In consideration of all of you anxiously awaiting this post, I will end now. But, when I receive more news from Mason's doctors I will update again. In that post I will also tell you more about Mason's experience in the cath lab and an additional little speed bump that has popped up in his post-transplant chapter of life. As always, thank you for your continued prayers, love and support! I know I'm never alone even when Mason and I are away from our family.


madelyn said...

I'm going to dance in the rain with you, here from Georgia! Praying for better news today. I know our kids do everything according to God's timing and His plan. It's just so darn hard when we, as parents, can't figure it all out and smooth out the rough spots on the journey. Praying for God to smooth the way and comfort and guide you while you navigate through.

Gourley said...

You guys are my heroes.

sheila said...

I love the quote about dancing in the rain. An excellent reminder for all of us. Happy that you and Mason enjoyed the rain ((-:

cici said...

Thank you for updating, we are all very attached to Little Mason and need to know when to Pray harder.
Please keep us posted, we love hearing from you and seeing his sweet face.
Big hug for you both.

carly said...

Hugs to Miracle Mason from Auntie Keri and the gang, here. Sum, I am sorry that the little guy isn't getting a "O" but he will fight thru it, and so will you. I am so glad he has so many people who love him and that he has you for a mom. So glad I just caught up on the last 4 posts and how he is doing. He will now be at the top of our prayer requests as a family and I won't let him be forgotten. Love and miss you!

Teresa said...

I'm sad that its not the results that you were hoping for, but I know he is a fighter and can overcome anything. Your family is amazing. Sending you love and hugs!


It's amazing how kids can help you enjoy the little things! We will pray for Mason! You are an amazing mom!