Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Year Ago Today

(I really started this post on Feb. 16, but am finally finishing
it today, Feb. 23, because we are spending all day at
PCMC for Mason's monthly IVIG treatment.)

A year ago today Mason and I moved ourselves to Palo Alto on a mission, a mission to save his life. Mason's heart was very broken and failing. Along with that he only has one healthy functioning lung. Mason was very little and weak for a two year old. His time was running short. We had to get him a new healthy heart to keep him here on earth with us.

I had made a very difficult decision. It was not a difficult decision to go and save my baby's life, but very difficult to leave my family behind in order to complete our mission. It was not easy, but leaving my other four kiddos at home in the care of very good help, so they could maintain some stability and consistency in their lives, was the best way I could go forward with our important plan.

It was the biggest LEAP OF FAITH I have ever taken in my life, but it also felt so right! It was hard in many ways, but yet so very right. (Click on LEAP OF FAITH to read my post when we had made our decision and how we would do it.)

I depended a lot on HOPE, FAITH, PRAYER, LOVE, and Him (Our Father Above) who has a special plan for our Miracle Mason............ to start THE NEXT CHAPTER of our heart journey. (Click on NEXT CHAPTER to read the post about the day we left Utah.)

It's hard to believe it has been a whole year!! It's hard to believe we were gone from our family for 5 months!! (But, it could have been soooo much longer). I am very grateful for so many things along this journey. Especially to all those who've supported us with love, prayers, service AND for taking care of my family while I was away on an important life saving mission!

We all survived and have been back together as a family for 7 months now. I hope my other 4 kiddos know how very much I LOVE THEM. I know sometimes it is hard for them to understand at such young ages why Mason takes so much of my time! I try so hard to balance my time and spread my love to all. I am grateful to them for being patient and trying to understand!!!

Hip hip hooray and cheers to our one year anniversary from our big LEAP OF FAITH!! We made it!!

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Erin B said...

I also had to leave my beautiful 2 year old daughter to move to Seattle to be with my very sick newborn daughter. The separation was so terribly difficult but as I witnessed other families that had older siblings in the Ronald McDonald house, it was so hard for those older children to be away from all they knew and surrounded by a hospital all day. It made me appreciate that I had family that would care for and love my daughter so that she didn't have to be around a very sad mommy and this mommy could focus 100% of my energy on loving and caring for my now beautiful 18 month old daughter!!