Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Braiden turned 8 today!!

(This picture was taken in the fall of 2009)

Oh how Braiden loves his baby brother Mason.
He was so sensitive and worried about him when I took him
to Stanford to wait for a new heart last year. He called me in
tears many days concerned about Mason being able to get
a heart and come home. Braiden is a very tender hearted,
loving, and fun boy. I'm grateful to call him mine!

Happy Birthday Braiden! I love you!


Lacey said...

Happy Happy birthday to a great big brother! My Mondo is the same way. Very protective and concerned about Jax!

cici said...

Happy Birthday to Braiden!!!! So happy you are all together on his Birthday! Have fun.

kurtis said...

What a special picture, he is too cute :) My boy will be 8 in October, its sad how concerned he is at that age, i can only imagine the worry that went through Braidens mind while you guys were gone :( What a tough boy :)

Mindi D said...

Sorry Kurtis is actually Mindi D :)