Monday, January 17, 2011

Hooray! Mason is Back Home!

After 4 days and 3 nights in the hospital Mason and I returned home
last night. Hooray! I honestly don't know how I did it for 7 straight
weeks last spring after his transplant, eating and sleeping at the
hospital without leaving. I guess we all do some pretty crazy things
for those we love :) I will say, most importantly Mason is much
much much happier to be home. (He has major hospital anxiety! )

And the best news of all is..............
his heart function on Sunday morning's echo had returned back
to his normal healthy baseline. His tricuspid valve is still leaking,
but only mild-moderate which is about where it's been at since his
big rejection last April. I'll take that over the severe leak it had
on Thursday, the day of his biopsy. Still a medical mystery as to
what caused his "sick heart" episode, but definitely a miracle
that Mason got better so quickly!!!

(Mason is eating goldfish crackers while sitting in one of hospital's
wagons.) He seems to feel safer sitting in a wagon rather than in the
hospital bed. Once we got out of the ICU on Friday afternoon and moved
up to the 3rd floor he wanted to go on walks all day long. But you can
only circle the hospital so many times without going stir crazy!!!

Poor little guy is on about on 3x the steroids he was on before this
hospital stay. He is not happy about that (nor am I), It makes him
so grumpy and irritable. The steroids are causing high blood pressure and
messing with his Cyclosporine level. We already had to go back in for a blood
draw this morning to check his Cyclo level. We had been going at least
2 weeks in between blood draws, but now we are back to 2x a week again.
Mason is on a steroid taper after receiving the IV steroids (solu-medrol) so
it will take him 2 weeks to get back to his normal dose.

I thought he was restless on his normal dose, but on 3x that he is
much much more than restless!! Here is Mason below asleep on our couch
FINALLY at 6:50 am this morning after being up most of the night.
(And check out those red chubby steroid cheeks!)

Mason and I watch a lot of Disney channel in the middle of the
night because there is never anything else decent on. So if I were to
tell you that my favorite show right now (besides Grey's Anatomy) is
Wizards of Waverly Place then at least you would know why! Mason
likes the TV on because I think he's afraid to fall asleep......but he
eventually does. Shhh don't tell him :)

Thanks again again for all your prayers and sweet positive thoughts
being sent our ways during this most recent speed bump.


Michelle said...

Summer... I'm so happy to hear that you two are home. Such a relief! I was so worried. I hope you can catch up on some rest and take care of yourself. I'm always thinking and praying for you and Mason. I have so much admiration for you as a mom. You are simply amazing. Way to go!

Michelle (Madison's mom)

cici said...

Awww so glad he is home safe and sound. I can only imagine how he feels at night on those icky steroids.
Probably has a little thumping heart and jitters. I hope he can be weaned off soon so he can sleep soundly once again.
My mom had to take steroids when she was at the Nursing home and she was the biggest growly bear ever with the biggest cheeks ever. She soon returned to normal when she went off them, so you have that to look forward to.
You are a wonderful, patient and loving Mom. God bless you for all you do.

Hope's Blog said...

I am so glad you all are home and getting settled back in. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

madelyn said...

I missed checking in for a few days and missed quite a roller-coaster ride! Sorry about the ups and downs but glad things FINALLY worked out to no rejection. Praying things begin getting better again, little by little and day by day.

(had to chuckle about Wizards - for us it was an obsession with Full House reruns that almost did me in!)

Deana said...

He is adorable! So glad things are somewhat back to normal.
Again thanks for sharing:)

Libbis Grammy

Lacey said...

So glad he's doing ok! My name is Lacey and I live here in Utah. I know you went to Lucille Packard for Mason, and wondered what you thought of their CICU. I need to take my son somewhere else, and things are pointing me to Stanford, but I have a friend that had a horrible experience there. So I wanted to see what you thought. If you could email me at I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks


Your little Mason is so cute! I think you are very right, Miracle and Mason must go hand in hand! :) Thanks for adding our Mason to your hear friends! I am going to do the same!