Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New Year!

I am sorry for taking so long to update our blog. As usual, time seems to fly by me each day before I can get anything "extra" done, such as blogging! Our holidays were very nice, as I hope were all of yours.

Mason has taken awhile to get over the croup, but he is finally cough free. Although now, the last two days he hasn't really been himself again. He's been super clingy, more than normal, and sleepy. (But, of course he will only sleep in my arms!) Hopefully, it's just a fluke and he will feel good enough for his biopsy on Thursday morning. (Okay, I've been working on this post for several days, a few minutes here and a few minutes there, and now it is Thursday so Mason's biopsy is TODAY. We are presently waiting in pre-op)

Honestly I'm nervous for today's biopsy results. This will be the longest(3 1/2 month) he's gone between biopsy's. Before this the longest he had gone was 1 month. He hasn't shown any signs of rejection, but like I said above, he hasn't seemed quite himself this week. I'm praying that I'm worrying for nothing! I imagine we will have results this evening or tomorrow morning. I will post as soon as I do.

Here are a few pictures from our holiday season:

Mason went to spend a couple hours on Christmas eve at
Grandma SanDee (my mom) and Grandpa Wally's house, because
he was much safer from oodles of germs there. Our kids only
have one cousin on my side of the family..........

(The Nativity Play)
.............. but, on Mark's side of the family
they have 50+ cousins ( I lost count). This is where the
rest of us went for Christmas eve celebration, because
traditionally we spend this night with Grandma Marilyn
(Mark's mom) and Grandpa Jerry and the whole family.
Christmas day we spend time with my family. (This is what you
do when both families live near you!!! Divide and conquer!!!)

(nativity scene continued)
Ammon was a shepherd, but would not leave his costume on.

Braiden was one of the Wise Men.

Preston was Joseph and cousin Nicole was Mary.

Always a precious, special, and comical part of Christmas Eve.
It just wouldn't be Christmas Eve without the nativity and
lots of laughter!

(back home at our house)
The kids all got new pj's as for their Christmas Eve gift from
Mom and Dad. Getting them all to look at the camera at the
same time is almost impossible!!! Mason was laughing until.......

Ammon came up from behind him and then got too close to
his face. Mason does not like anyone getting too close to him
and has learned to 'hold his own'! As you can see he's practically
attacking poor Ammon! Someday these two boys WILL
be friends and act like they really love each other!

The kiddos are spying on Santa early Christmas morning
to see if they can catch him bringing their gifts.

Ammon was very excited about Santa this year and
couldn't wait for a Buzz Lightyear present.

And the Christmas morning fun began.........

A couple kiddos were tired after all the excitement.......

During the holidays our kids spent a lot of time playing with
their cousins. Mason played with them also, just a couple at
a time make sure he was safe from any sicknesses
going around. (But some how he caught croup anyways!)

Mason and Ammon are playing with cousin Brextyn.

And here they are with their cousin Rachel.

We had lots of playing and sledding in the snow !

And we also celebrated Mark's Birthday.

I hope this New Year brings your family much happiness and joy. I pray that Mason's New Year brings him more health and strength. We feel so blessed with how well Mason is doing with his new heart. May this coming year continue to bless him with many more miracles and hope!

Happy New Year from Mason to you!!!


cici said...

Waiting with you in Prayer for ZERO rejection!
Don't forget to breathe ;)

The Simmons Family said...

Happy new year to you too!! Praying for fantastic biospy results today.

Is Mason really riding that bike or does he just use his feet on the floor to push it. Owen has been begging for a bike, but we don't think he can do it! Ha.

When's your next trip to LPCH?

Mindi D said...

So fun to see him playing with his siblings at HOME! I love it! I hope all goes well with the biopsy, i will be waiting to hear..