Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween Happenings 2010

Wow, I am really behind on my blogging! Only 2 weeks late, I'm finally posting some pictures of our family's Halloween festivities. We had fun and were especially glad to be all together at home for this holiday. Enjoy.......

The most appropriate picture to start with:
Mason's heart jack-0-lantern, because this Halloween
we celebrated Mason's healthy heart and being together!

All the kids worked together to make a
gingerbread 'haunted house'. Although Kaitlin
would probably tell you the truth; that it was mostly
her, as the boys ate the candy and made a big mess!

The finished project: Strickland Kids' Haunted House 2010

Mason was sure to assume his favorite spot on top
of our kitchen island to assist in our Friday night

Ammon (in his apron), Braiden & his buddy Berk, Mason,
and Daddy, working hard on their very artistc Jack-o-lanterns.


Mason was our little doctor.
(Very fitting, don't you think?)

After a tick or treating to a few houses, Mason had
a lot of fun handing out candy to our trick or treaters.
In fact, I could not get him to sit still for this picture. It's
super blurry, but I still wanted to show off the back of
his cute little scrubs. (Although if I could've, I would've
put '....... and Lucille Packard Children's Hospital' !)

I dressed up as Mason's assistant,
since I already officially am his full-time nurse!

Ammon was our very own Buzz Light Year.
He loves Buzz and Woody and the rest of Toy Story!

Braiden (on the right) and his friend Berk
were rough and tough motocross racers.

Preston was a Lone Peak Knight's (our local high school)
baseball player w/ a broken leg. Well, the broken leg and
crutches only lasted for the school Halloween parade but,
after that he decided his leg was healed for trick or treating.

Kaitlin (on the right) was the Queen of Hearts with
her friends: Lachlan (Alice in Wonderland)
and Rachel (The White Queen).
Definitely a beautiful bunch of girls!!!

Here's our Super Nanny Sammi as the grape with all our kiddos,
(I tried to get out of the picture, but Mason wouldn't allow that!)

And here we all are....The Strickland Crew on Halloween 2010.

Our family hopes all of you had a fun and memorable Halloween too.

"May the laughter of children gladden our hearts. May the faith of children soothe our souls. May the love of children prompt our deeds. 'Children are an heritage of the Lord' (Ps. 127:3)."
Thomas S Monson


Cassie and Chad said...

Happy Halloween Strickland family!!! We sure love you guys!

The Simmons Family said...

You all look so great!! I love all the costumes! I'm glad you hada "normal" halloween this year.

Kyle and Alli said...

This does my heart good to see you all together!! I love Mason's costume!

Traci said...

Happy Halloween these pics are wonderful! I panicked for a minute when your blog was gone but you must have been updating it! Glad you were all together for the holiday this year!!


Keri said...

HOw can it be that almost 16 years has gone by and you and Mark look exactly the same?? :):) chasing 5 kids and being a full-time working mom (nurse :) must be the key to youth.

Ashlie said...

Yay for you guys, it looks like you had an awesome halloween and I'm sure you will enjoy every second of the holidays this year, I'm so happy to hear that Mason is doing so good!!!