Tuesday, November 2, 2010

35 Miracle Months

It was a true miracle that our dear little Mason
even survived his 3rd day of life. So, I must say
every month he's lived thus far has also been a
true miracle and a tender mercy from our
Father Above.

The good news is........with his sparkly new
healthy heart his future should include many
many more months and years here with his
family who loves him so very much!!!

Happy 35 months (on Oct 30th) Miracle Mason!!

All Month he's been working on standing
and cruising furniture. Some days he
likes it and some days he does not!

Mason loves to get into everything, but he's actually
really good at re-stacking things or putting them
back into the bag or container they came from.
(Well, with just a little assistance!)

And he also LOVES to color!

Mason and Ammon helped us plant tulips and pansies.
Mason favorite part was throwing the dirt of course.

Sammi and Ammon planted most of the tulips.

Mason has become very attached to electronic toys
lately. Whether it is a DS, and ipod, or a cell phone
he thinks it's his and you can not take it away!

Another love is sunglasses and baseball hats.

And any where we go I always hear comments
such as "Oh, look at his cute cheeks!"

Like I said, he will not let go of our electronic toys.
He'll even fall asleep with them.

This was at the airport. He was mad at me because
I kept trying to put his mask on him. He use to wear
it so well in public, but not anymore! Little stinker!
But what do you expect? He's an almost
'terrible three year old'!

Mason continues to get stronger each day. He also
seems to be much more comfortable and happy
here it home. It has just taken him a while
to realize that this really is HOME now :)


The Timothys said...

Yay! We are so proud of little mason! :) we are VERY happy to hear he is doing so well! :)

madelyn said...

LOVE all of the pics! He is just so darn adorable. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

reneycapri said...

Greetings from Vermont. I just discovered your inspirational blog. My nephew was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He went through the three stage Norwood proceedure. He lived 20 beautiful years. He went home to the Lord last year. Although we miss him, we are greatful for the time we had him here on earth with us. I am currently a nanny for a 15month old baby girl who just received a new liver. She is doing quite well, just adjusting to meds. Special babies are SUCH a blessing. They are so brave and strong. Each of these special little ones teach us not to take life for granted. Every day is a gift from God! Thanks again for sharing your wonderful story. I will add Mason (and his beautiful family) to my daily prayers. Reney J :)

Jennifer said...

I love the picture of Mason sleeping with the phone to his ear. That's great!