Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 20 months Miracle Mason

Happy 20 months to our Miracle Mason on July 30th . (Okay, I really did download these pictures on July 31, had full intentions of completing the post that day, but as usual, life was too busy and it is now August 7th as I sit down to hopefully finish.) Mason seems too little to be 20 months, and it really doesn't feel like it has been that long since out 'broken heart journey' began! Even though he is a little squirt he is quite smart.

He loves to hold the phone to his ear and say, "hi", he loves to throw things.....everything from the high chair, throw blocks into their container, throw hot wheels across the kitchen floor (maybe he thinks cars should fly since his third trip somewhere at only 3 days old was by life flight.....his first being when we brought him home at 2 days old and his 2nd was by ambulance at three days old as well!!!), and he also loves to sit out on our back deck which is above our walk-out basement, dangle his feet through the bars , and throw anything he can get his hands on out to the kids playing in the yard or down below. His newest play toy is his G-tube. He has figured out how to pull the tubing out from under his onsie where I have it hiding, open it up and then lets it leak as he scoots around the house! Yuck! I can't wait to get the button in on Sept 3rd.) He also takes empty medicine syringes and tries to stick them into his G-tube. He started doing this after watching me give him his medicine that way. (Then the other day I also saw Ammon stinking an empty medicine syringe into his belly button! I asked him what he was doing and he said "Ammon sick".)

Here's some cute pictures from the last month:

Kaitlin and Mason in the front yard on a Sunday evening

Mason out on the deck, his favorite hangout spot when its not too hot out.

We had our dear friends Scott, Amy, and Carter Gourley over for Dinner.
Carter is also a heart baby and he and Mason are 5 days apart. We
met them up at Primary's during our babies' first heart surgery.
We are grateful for their friendship

Braiden decided to entertain Mason one evening by pulling
him around the yard on a sled. Well, as far as Mason's oxygen
cord would allow. Mason loved it!

Here he is laughing and screaming. He wanted more
when Braiden was ready to be done.

August 3rd Mason had another cardiology appointment to up his Carvedilol dose and monitor his blood pressure. He gained another 4 0z, not as good as the last weight gain, but overall in the last 4 weeks since he got his G-tube he has gained 11 oz! Which is great especially for a little guy in heart failure. So now he weighs 16 lbs 11 oz! Way to go Mason!

We continue to be so grateful for each day we have to spend with our little Miracle Mason. He makes our crazy, busy, and many times chaotic life all worth it!


The Simmons Family said...

Happy 20 Months!! He looks SO happy in every picture. I'm glad the Gtube is working out. Owen gets his in September. He always opens the port on his NG and the butt scoots around the house with stomach "juice" ALL over the floor. I am SO sick of mopping!! I love that Ammon stuck the syringe in his belly button. Owen sticks them in his ears (immitating Carson with the Q tips). It's funny how they catch on.

Good Luck with the next dose increase of Carvedilol. I just increased Owen's so he's on 1mg/2x day.

Lolly Sneed said...

I still say peanut butter in the tube or maybe ice cream. Love you

Kyle and Alli said...

Very cute pictures! I love the sled one all though at first, I was thinking that he was being pulled around By his oxygen cords (something my brothers would have totally tried when we were little!). So glad that was not the case! Happy 20 month!

likeschocolate said...

Yeah! He really is a cutie!