Saturday, July 11, 2009

G-Tube Surgery

Here's sweet Miracle Mason before the surgery.

Mason completed another trip to the OR yesterday!  The hardest part was when the anesthesiologist walked down the hall with him to the OR.  Mason was looking over the Dr.'s shoulder watching me and screaming "ma,ma....."  Tears started to roll down my cheeks! Even though he's gone into the OR for much worse before, it was still tough to say goodbye ( thank goodness only for an hour) to my sweet, but sad and scared, screaming baby. 

The surgery went well.  The anesthesiologist had said before the surgery that with Mason's history and current heart condition there was a possibility he would need to spend the night in the PICU rather than in the surgical unit on the 3rd floor.  But, Mason was a champ and recovered well enough to go to the floor.  I stayed the night here with him and Mark is at home with the other kiddos. It was a long night because he seemed to be in some pain from the surgery. Poor little guy!  But I do feel this g-tube will be good. Hopefully he will chub up a bit!!

The G-tube he had placed is a PEG tube and in 8 weeks after the incision on his tummy heals, all he will have is a little button on his tummy.  Through this button (and right now through the 6 inches of tubing that is outside of his tummy) he will be able to get some extra nutrient rich high calorie liquids.  The tricky part right now will be the wound care and hiding the tube from little Mason and anyone else that might think it's a toy to pull on (okay, particularly my cute little 4 year old Ammon!!!) . Hopefully hidden under a onsie will be 'out of sight - out of mind'.
And if it does get pulled out I will have to put a temporary one back in until we can see the GI doctor!  No thanks :-)

The plan is to go home today around 4pm as long as Mason continues to feel okay and have good vitals the rest of today!! 

This is Mason this morning playing with a lid from
his room service breakfast. He's pretty happy
considering that he's in his least favorite place.


The Simmons Family said...

I just emailed you. My comment would have been entirely too long!! :)

Keri said...

So sorry you have to go thru SOOOO much with mason, Summa girl. It must be so hard. I cant imagine how torn you must be with your other large gang at home.
Heres hoping you go home tomorrow!! no more fevers and CHUB that boy UPPP!!!
Love you tons