Friday, May 8, 2009

Pictures from April

**Mason loves to go outside so we decided to take him to the
park to watch Braiden's soccer game!
We just found a quiet little spot away from the crowd.
This made Braiden happy too!!

**Mason still only wants to scoot around on his bum, so we've
been trying to set him on his knees to play a little each day.

**If the front or back door gets left open Mason immediately
scoots over to it to see what's going on outside.
He loves the sunshine!

This was our "weekend get-away" for the pneumonia.
Primary's needs to get some more 'boyish' pj's.
Lots of people said "oh, she is darling". I guess
I can see why! All those curls and the pastel pj's!

This was Easter Sunday.
(He did not need the O2 like he does now
so we gave him a break for the pictures and
he wouldn't leave it on anyways )

Mason got caught sneaking some chocolate!!

** Two of my handsome boys...Braiden and Mason.

**One Easter princess and four cute crazy boys.

**Ammon and big brother Preston celebrating Preston's
8th birthday on April 5! Can't believe my Preston is 8!


Stephanie said...

Summer, your kids are beautiful! That picture of Mason and Braiden is delicious! So cute. Happy Mother's Day!

Kaidence's Mommy said...

I have to laugh about those hospital PJ's. I have always said they need to get some that are for girls. I guess that this just means that they aren't flattering on any child, boy or girl. Hang in there with little Mason. He is getting so big, I can''t believe it. Mason and little Ms. K would be so cute to watch play together. We will have to get together when Mason gets stronger. I know that this is a hard time and I understand how careful you have to be as well. You are smart for being so careful. When we were trying to get Kaidence's sick heart better (before she got really sick and was listed) we had to be so careful and just stay away from everything. We did our best but apparently Heavenly Father had different plans for Kaidence.

I would love to see you sometime. You are an amazing Mom and I hope that you have a wonderful Mothers Day!

queenieweenie said...

He likes sunshine? Must take after his mama!

Your kids are so adorable and I love seeing "you" in them.

Kyle and Alli said...

Adorable little kiddos! All of them! We were so sad to have missed you the other day! I LOVE the pj's you left for Grant. They are adorable. Thank you so much1 I hope Mason stays healthy!!

Deanna said...

I love the Easter pictures of Mason, he is one cute and adorable baby!!!