Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mason's Sleepover... In the PICU

Friends and family,

Mason's cath test went well. His heart function looks good, thepressures looked good, the clot is still there but caused no problemsduring the procedure. So the surgeuons say they will procede to thenext surgery and scheduled him for June 9th. But you know our Mason, he had a throw a little bit of theunexpexted into the story yesterday.....about 2 hours post the cathtest he started to need more oxygen then he had been on at home andmore and more as the day went on. So we ended up back in the PICUagain! Where they started running tests and put him on high flowoxygen. He just wanted to scare us for a bit! The Doc's say he justdoesnt have much reserve right now. So the anathesia from the procedure, his stuffy nose, a new ear infection (that I discoveredwhen it started draining yesterday morning), his red blood cell countwas low, combined with him starting to out grow his SANO (the shunt inhis heart)....just was pushing him over his limit! He is much betterthis morning after a blood transfusion and some high flow oxygen overnight. In fact he's down to 1/2 liter of O2, which is less then wecame in on yesterday morning. They are talking about bumping the surgery sooner now after yesterday's episode. We just need to get him over his little cold. I am not sure yet if we will stay for a few days or go home.

Keep up your prayers!


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