Thursday, May 1, 2008

Heart Catheter Test Disagreement

Friends and Family,

Mason is doing well. He weighs about 9 lbs 14 oz. Slowly but surely he is chubben up. We had his cardiology clinic on Monday and the Dr.s thought he looked really good, just little. But pleased with his weight gain lately. Now the latest on surgery... there was quite a disagreement among the doctors about Mason not getting the catheter test last week. One of the cardiologist that saw us that day said he knew the surgeons would absolutely need Mason to have the cath test before surgery, because this is the only way to get an accurate measure of the pressures of the blood flow in and out of the heart. Which this info is very important to know before going ahead with the 2nd surgery. Then what about his clot? They say the cath lab dr. can just avoid going in the part of his heart where the clot is....but, what concerns me is that the cath lab doctor from last week still says he will not do it and another cath lab cardiologist will have to perform the procedure if he has it done. So we asked if this could be discussed in the weekly care conference with all the cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons. Mason was discussed on Wed. morning and the majority vote was that he needs the catheterization before they will schedule him for surgery. So the cath has been rescheduled for May 29th.

I am quite leery right now about this decision and pray I will know its right before we do it! They also may do an MRI to get a more accurate measure and position of the clot and for sure will do a sedated echo to look at the heart function and the clot before performing the catheter test. Now they are saying mid June for surgery.Thanks always for your concern and Love. Please continue to pray for Mason and the decisions that lay ahead of us this month.

Sincerely, Summer

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