Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's Great To Be 8 and A Great Way To Start The New Year

(Trying to get caught up! I'm so far behind! This post is for January...)

January 2, 2016 was the best day ever! Mason reached a wonderful milestone, one that we honestly thought was a pretty far off dream his first several years of life... He was baptized! To have thought he would've made it to his 8th birthday and old enough to be baptized, for so long seemed very unrealistic! We are forever grateful for all his doctors, nurses, and of course his donor family for making this special day a reality! Such a special day and a great way to start of the new year!

We love you Mason and are so proud of you!

Mason had quite a crowd at his baptism!
And this was only some of it!
He is one very loved little boy!

He was asked to choose someone to give a talk at his baptism.
He chose big sister Kaitlin and she did a great job!
Oh how he loves KK!!

A day off of school...
A sweet family in our neighborhood invited Ammon and Mason to visit their little farm one day that there was no school. They had fun! Mason is a little unsure around animals, but Ammon absolutely loves them! Ammon wants his own farm someday he says!

Cub scouts...
Turning 8 meant Mason got to start going to cub scouts with his neighborhood and church friends. He really enjoys going and being a part of it, just like he's seen his big brothers do! 
This was at his first pack meeting and he'd already earned some awards!

Which meant he also got to pin an award on Mom!

Junior Preference....
Kaitlin, as always, looked stunning for her Preference formal in January!

She a great time with her fun date and darling group of friends!

Oh to be 17 again!!!

BYU Basketball...
Mark took Mason on a special date to a BYU basketball game. He absolutely loved it and talked about it for days! Mason is definitely a big sports fan. It's so cute to watch how into he gets as he cheers for all the players!

 Yesterday is a memory, today is a gift, tomorrow is a hope!
Wishing you the best new year ever!
Happy 2016

Thanks for checking in on us!

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